Avoid Gaining Weight This Christmas and Turning Into the Grinch

Tempting Christmas buffet of carbs and sugary foods with a fireplace burning brightly in the background and a Christmas tree on the left.

Christmas dinner buffet laid out on a table in front of a fireplace and Christmas tree

Christmas brings with it parties, dinners, gatherings and other social events. This also brings with it a few extra pounds and oftentimes, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and laziness.

If you want to avoid weight gain over Christmas, you can! 

I’m going to show you how by simply balancing your light exposure this holiday, you will maintain a healthy weight, great sleep and avoid the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion after the holidays.

You will enjoy yourself while maintaining a balanced weight, great sleep and high energy levels.

How Your Light Exposure Causes You to Gain Weight

Artificial blue light at night increases your cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Throughout your evolution, cortisol has enabled you to survive predators. When you encounter a tiger, your cortisol goes instantly up. This hormone will alert the body to release glucose into your blood to prepare you for the fight and flight mechanism. The glucose is absorbed by your muscles so that you can have the energy to flee or fight.

Interestingly, when you’re exposed to artificial lights at night, the blue light increases your cortisol and this increases your blood sugar levels and leads to carbs and sugar cravings. 

Sachin Patel, founder of the living proof institute and a leader in the functional medicine field says,  "Chaotic blood sugar levels lead to a chaotic mind and emotions."

When your emotions are all over the place, you are much more likely to make bad decisions and you will have the tendency to make bad food choices picking junk sugary carb foods rather than whole organic nutritious food. 

Sachin shared with me a very interesting story. He uses a blood sugar monitor to track his glucose levels during the day. After he started using the VivaRays daytime glasses consistently, he noticed that his blood sugar level after every meal was much more stable compared to before even though he didn’t change his diet. 

Can you imagine?

He was still eating the same food however only by managing his light environment and protecting himself from the chronic exposure to blue light, his blood sugar level was much more stable.

The chronic exposure to imbalanced blue light will cause your blood sugar level to spike and crash and this will lead to carbs cravings and causes you to feel fatigued and emotionally unstable.

Blue Light Makes You Leptin Resistant

Additionally, blue light can make people leptin resistant.

Leptin is a hormone that is stored in fat tissues and is released after every meal to signal to our body that we feel full. 

When the sun sets and it becomes dark outside, melatonin goes up which causes leptin to travel to the hypothalamus in the brain and up regulates the thyroid hormone. 

This increases our metabolism and growth hormone production and we start burning fat at night while sleeping. Who wouldn’t love that right?

The problem is that chronic exposure to junk blue light causes 2 main issues: 

1) It increases free radicals and inflammations which blocks the leptin signal to the brain and we become leptin resistant 

2) It suppresses melatonin production which delays the leptin from travelling to the brain at night This all means that this increases our hunger levels, aggravates the sugar and carbs craving at night, and decreases our natural ability to burn fat at night. 

All this is the perfect recipe for weight gain.

Things to do this holiday to avoid weight gain:

  1. Get your morning sunlight. This will set the timer for the release of melatonin at the right time at night and will enable your leptin to rise and help you burn fat at night while sleeping and doing nothing.
  2. Wear your VivaRays glasses during the day. This will prevent your eyes from chronic exposure to the blue light frequency and help you maintain a balanced blood sugar level.
  3. Wear you VivaRays evening glasses while socializing and enjoying the holidays gathering and events. This will protect your brain from thinking it is day time and will help you stay relaxed, calm and in control of your choices. Artificial light at night has been shown to increase emotional eating because it increases your hunger hormone ghrelin while suppressing leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full and satisfied
  4. Wear your VivaRays night time glasses 1 hour before bedtime. This will maximize your melatonin production and maximize your leptin levels. When leptin is high at night, like it is supposed to be, you will burn fat while sleeping and wake up feeling ready to exercise and move.



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