How can we help?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, we love curious people! Please fill out the form below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Alternatively, please visit the FAQ section below where we have most of your questions covered.


Can I buy your products in a store?
For now we only sell online but please stay tuned for updates on where we might be selling them. 

Why would we pick VivaRays and not another brands?
Please click here to learn about VivaRays

Do you ship around the world?
Yes if you have a valid address we will get to you.

How long does it takes to ship to my country?

USA & Canada
Free Shipping: 3-7 Business Days.

Express Shipping: 1-2 Business Days.

Standard Shipping: 7-14 Business Days.

Express Shipping: 2-4 Business Days.

What is your exchange and return policy?
It’s only a matter of time until you VivaRays the results of our technology. Unlike other brands, we have a 90-day exchange and return policy for non-prescription glasses.
Click here for more details on our return policy

Which lenses are best for my needs?
Click here for Yellow DayGo’z
Clear here for Orange Eve'z
Click here for Red Sleeper'z

When do I wear my VivaRays?
- Daytime glasses :
Wear them during the day, indoors when exposed to artificial light from screens and bulbs.

- Evening glasses : Wear them when the sun sets. They are perfect for nighttime driving, working and socializing as they block all the blue and allow you enough green to still be able to function.

- Nighttime glasses: Wear them 2 hours before you sleep for optimal production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Are VivaRays glasses heavier than normal glasses?
Our glasses weigh only around 7 grams per pair, which is much lighter than regular sunglasses.

Tell me about the materials you use for your glasses.
We have put intensive work to consciously choose sustainably harvested ebony wood which is known for its durability. We work with FSC certified wood only.