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I like them?

I am wearing these at night and I think they help me sleep better

Love them!

I'm sleeping better already. My eyes and body feel the difference from protecting them from the harmful light. Amazing customer service. Thanks so much.


THIS IS THE SOLUTION I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! a lense for every time in the day that's important! and I love the way I look in them :)

Better Sleep, Less Eye Strain

I have been using my 3 in 1 lenses for about a month now, and they are great! I got the prescription lenses so I can use them all day and night. I have noticed more improved sleep, and my head feels less tense when I wear them. The biggest differences are when I'm in front of the computer and at night. The orange and red lenses make the lights softer and I can ease into sleep. And the clip on feature is just fabulous! My 4yo gets such a kick out of it, and she reminds me at sunset, "Mommy, time to put on your orange glasses." All around a great purchase to help regulate my circadian rhythm. I highly recommend!

Love the 4 in 1 clip n go UV transmitter glasses

My 4 in 1 clip n go glasses are fantastic! I wear them from the time I awake to just before bed and I’ve already noticed less strain on my eyes.

Sunkist Eve'z
Funnya Gleason
Love using my glasses

I love how light the glasses. Definitely notice a difference a long day in front of a screen. Eyes don’t feel as tired and far less headaches.

Best sleeping mask ever!

I've used my Vivarays Mask for over two weeks now. I love it! I have trouble sleeping and am doing everything within my power to change that. My old sleeping mask was so irritating. It smashed my eyelashes and eyes and I would just lay there thinking how very frustrating it was. Not a good feeling when all you want to do is sleep. The Vivaray's mask is super comfortable and I put it on and actually forget that I'm wearing it, which is fabulous.

Customize your frame
Lumiel Kim-Hammerich
Just began using

Not sure yet about results. Delivery was quite delayed but that was mostly due to treacherous weather and ensuing damage to the lab. Workmanship looks great.
Sorry I can't tell much difference yet because I have been using a yellow-lens pair of glasses I bought 3 years ago from another lab, so it's hard to say. It just gives me more peace of mind to have something from such a dedicated-to-health source such as Vivarays.

Aviator Evening Eve'Z
Lea Pramstrahler

Aviator Evening Eve'Z

Phenomenal product!

Took some getting used to

So my combined power is -7.75 and when I got the glasses they were slightly thicker than the ones I currently wear which maybe is because the ones I wear are even higher density? I'm not sure ? Either way, the biggest issue was there was some glare and reflection coming from the sides of my face where the lens reflecting what was behind me and also there were some dots of light within my range of view not sure where it was coming from...I've sense then gotten used to the glare but it was noticeable at first.

Vivarays Clip'n'go

I am very happy with the quality of my glasses. I'm working towards changing my insomnia and they are a major part of the journey.

Sleeping mask

I use my mask each night and find it fits nice and snug and comfortably.

Glo Eve'z
Christine Horton
Must have

I absolutely love these glasses for the evenings, especially in the winter when it gets dark early. I already had the night time glasses which are great before bed but can be difficult to see in if the house is darker and aren’t great to watch tv im. These are a great middle ground. Blocking blue and green light but you can still see well. I love the quality, sustainable materials and customer service!

I love them!

they are absolutely amazing. I have an EMF meter and they emit no EMF + sound is epic! very happy, will get more for the whole family

Clip N Go-3 Lenses in 1 pair of Glasses

These glasses are the most amazing glasses I have ever used ☺️.
The are easy to wear, easy to change the lenses for the appropriate time of day.
They have benefitted my health so much that I my nervous system is more regulated during the day and I have better sleep at night! There are no better glasses our there other than Viva Rays to help balance once Circadian Rhythms.

Organic Cotton Blackout Sleeping Mask

Progressive lens
Rajpaul Singh
Progressive lens

I love my Vivarays progressive lens. They are comfy and lightweight. My head feels relaxed. Less tensed around my forehead. I highly recommend them to anybody that spends a considerable time on the screen.

I'm sleeping!!

I've struggled with sleep for longer than I care to recall. When I put my glasses on in the evening, I have an instant feeling of relief around my eyes. I feel sleepy and a I drift off to sleep instead of anxiously awaiting the inevitable tossing and turning. So grateful!

I returned the abundance for a smaller frame. Haven't received them yet.

Love these glasses!

I am very.pleased with the quality of these glasses and it is so convenient to have just one pair that takes care of day, evening, AND night lenses!

perfect design, perfect product, perfet customer service!

Like a vacation for my eyes!

You don't THINK you need them until you take them off and realize how hard your eyes have to work to process blue light.


I was very surprised with the quality! I heard that VivaRays is one of the best but when I received the glasses and started wearing them , I could not believe ! Not struggling with headaches during the day, I'm sleeping DEEPLY at night, I'm getting compliments everywhere I go about the style. The quality of lenses and frames is outstanding! Thank you VivaRays!

Love it

Love these lenses you can tell they are made from high quality materials. The only thing is that they feel a little heavy when I snap on the red lens, I have a little nose and the comfort of the wood is different than the comfort of acrylic glasses I have.
Otherwise I love the design, idea innovation all of it and they are gorgeous I wear these when I am in public!