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Calm at last!

I can’t believe how calm I feel with the Blue light Blockers. The 3-in-1 have given me the option of the best sleep ever!. Thank you, VivaRay! Incredible customer service with my order, also!

VivaRays 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers

These are really good 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers seem to be better than my normal glasses it's clearer to read from books and on computer screens it seems filter out the light better than my normal glasses highly recommended.

Life changing

From a daily tension headache that became normal and never being able to settle down in the evenings to having more energy at the office, excitement to get to work, and a calming effect once home in the evenings. I haven’t taken them off!

Really enjoying them!

They are really helping me not feel horrible after working on the computer for a few hours.

Daring creation

There are so many fringe health theories and I find it daring to really take one serious and dive into it with so much love and detail as Vivarays does, while the mainstream science is still very slowly approaching this landmark.
I hugely appreciate that you design a product for this new path of light transformation first and foremost.
I bought the clip'n go and I must say that they do fit very smoothly, I like the feeling of the wooden matt finish of the frame. Although I wish it was totally black or black coated, I see the beauty also in the dark brownish wooden finish.
I still consider coting them myself leateron.
The light absorption works very well, while it is very practical to be able to clip on and off the different exposures, I do also realize that the daylight glasses I never use. Therefore I would have considered to have the 2-1 in glasses afterall, as I like the frame to be as small as possible without clip-on, when I am wearing the middle (yellowish) clip-on.
I find that the view is very clear and definately very soothing walking and especially travelling through this light poluted world.
I am still not daring to wear the glasses when I am with people that matter to me for some reason, I feel like I dont feel comfortable and they dont see me properly then. However when I am strawling through the world of non-places and anynonymus houses and apartmentblocks, I feel increasingly comfortable.
I feel the benefit and it clearly helps me to find a sleeping point much earlier thant usual, now I just need to consistently surrender to it.
What I find a bit less efficient in this high quality product is the wiping towel, it is not as smooth and effective as the rest of the design. There are much softer wiping towels that also manage to clean glasse more smoothly.
Lastly I am super amazed by the service and care of vivarays, the way of communicating, the humbleness, the direct and swift support is a game changer for me. I am highly inspired by you guys. I can feel that the team is really living the vision that stands behind these products and therefore adds a layer of depth and authenticity. I really want to support this product and your quest, I am deeply grateful!
I am also deeply appreciating seeing how you stick with it and invest all your heart in this journey!,

didn't try it

but its soft, bulky.

Love them

These do exactly what I was hoping they’d do. They’re very comfortable, the quality is excellent, and the clip on feature makes it so easy to make sure I have the healthiest light environment possible. Very happy with my purchase!

The best blue blockers on the market!

No need to keep searching—these are the best--and fantastic customer service, as well! I sent in my own frames and clip ons with my prescription and they are amazing!

Great glasses!

I got the Alegria Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers and couldn't be happier! My husband got a pair in another style several months ago, and he noticed a huge improvements in his eyesight. I often borrowed his glasses at night, and noticed how much more quickly I felt tired in the evening - leading to an earlier bedtime and SO much energy the next day. Glad to have my own pair of blue light blockers now! I don't usually leave photos in reviews, but I was frustrated that there weren't many examples of people wearing this style, so hopefully these photos will help someone else decide if the Alegria style might work for them.

Better sleep

I can't believe how much of a difference these blue blocking glasses are making on my sleep. I feel more tired before I go to sleep- really ready for sleep- more than I've ever been able to access through other sleep supports. So awesome!

Travailler le soir sans perturber sa nuit

Je suis formatrice en e-learning et je dispense mes cours de 20h à 22h, quelle que soit la saison.
Les lunettes oranges, bloquant 100% de la lumière bleue des écrans et des éclairages des studios, me permettent de retrouver un sommeil de qualité.
Je suis très satisfaite et je trouve la forme des alégria féminine!


These shades are so comfy, and the magnetic feature makes transitioning from day to evening lens so quick! The wood is super sleek and the arms on the glasses are super flexible, which are nice especially if you're wearing them underneath a beanie!

High quality product, prescription not great

I love what the glasses do in terms of the light management. I have less eye strain, less headaches, less stress and better sleep. However, I had 2 pairs of glasses ordered with prescription. They have a fairly narrow field of correct vision. Anything outside of dead center is blurry. I wear many glasses and it surprised me. The first paid had correct prescription. The second was not even close and I had to return. So… great experience with light management, poor with corrective lenses piece of it

👍 top

La monture est de qualité et je suis satisfaite de l’expérience client !

Ear plugs

Love all your products


These glasses make night time light much easier to be around especially while driving! Very comfortable and easy to wear. Highly recommend!!

Highly recommend

These glasses are an investment but they are worth it. I haven't had them that long and I already notice a difference in my sleep. The quality is excellent and ease of use is wonderful with the additional magnetic lenses. The fit and style are great as well. Would highly recommend.

Improvements in Sleep and Eye Strain

I LOVE my new Glo Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blocker glasses! I have been using them for a month now and have noticed that my Oura Ring average Sleep score has increased 5 points and my average Readiness jumped 10 points! Since the majority of my job is being on the computer and in zoom sessions, I found my eyes would be strained and very tired especially at the end of the day. Since I have been using my VivaRays, my eyes have felt better, less strained, and my vision has even improved. I also really appreciate the fact that VivaRays accommodate prescription lenses. They have made my job and life much easier. It's an important added bonus that they are made with eco-friendly materials. I recommend them to all my clients! Thanks Roudy and Team for making such a fabulous product!!

Blue light glasses helped me watch TV again!

I had an eye injury that resulted in severe dry eyes. The dry eyes led to sensitivity to light, especially computers and television. I tried other blue light glasses, but VivaRays were the only ones that allowed me to use the computer and watch TV without pain. Thank you!

They are great

They help me get into the chilled mood. Relaxed and perfect for reading in the evening

Organic Sleep Mask

Really love your products


Has improved the quality of my sleep :)

Can't imagine a day without them!

I heard about Vivarays from YouTuber and Social media influencer Carnivore Yogi. I couldn't be more happy with them. I am in love! My husband does not miss a day wearing his blue light blockers while working. They are top notch quality. Each lens works like a dream. I cannot imagine a day without my clip and go's. Thank you for making such a fantastic product. They aren't just fancy- They are necessary. 💙

Blocks EMFs also

It took a couple of nights to get used to wearing it but I found that I did not feel the Electromagnetic waves near as much as I did before wearing them. I am very sensitive to EMFs. I also like that they are made with 100 percent organic cotton. I will continue to use them every night. Thanks for making a safe healthy quality product.