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Love my new glasses

I wear the yellow lenses during the day for work and the orange layer at night. I will start to wear the red lenses as winter gets closer. I am feeling more energy during the day despite working in front of a computer and I am sleeping much better at night! Highly recommend!

Glo DayGo'z
Lisa Hopkin
Excellent glasses that are comfortable & soothing!

These glasses totally help my eyes while looking at screens & they help keep your circadian rhythm in sync. Excellent!


I have a lot of trouble with my eyes and light in general but they help greatly with it. Would recommend to everyone that has a light problem.

Clip'N'Go - 3 Lenses in 1 pair of Glasses

Glo DayGo'z
Fronnie Bealer
Classroom usage

I only have the daytime ones, so I use them to hopefully counteract florescents lights. Otherwise; I am in the natural light of the days and nights. I seem to have better sleep.

These are sheer bliss!

I have so much trouble sleeping. I spend so much of the day inside on a computer and try to get outside to see the sun and ground as much as possible. But I knew I needed help re-setting my system. These lenses are truly nothing short of sheer bliss.

They are lightweight, comfortable fit (and I have a big face!), they look great on, and it's so easy to magnetically snap on the orange or red lenses. They add a little extra weight but I've not found it to be uncomfortable. These are so helping me to wind down at the appropriate time so I can improve sleep - and sleep without a sleep aid.

I've also found the orange lenses to be super helpful driving at night. I am in a small vehicle so lights from behind tend to hit my side and rear view mirrors. These dim that light so it's not so glaring. And the oncoming traffic lights are more muted as well. I feel like they've improved my night driving by at least 20%!

I LOVE these. And I have gotten so many compliments on them! Zero regrets for this purchase. Sheer bliss!

Progressive lens
Culver Rief
Perfect Prescription Lenses

I got these progressive lenses to go in the clip and go glasses and they are absolutely perfect. No issues whatsoever with the prescription, sight line, nothing. They definitely can handle a more complex prescription with ease. Absolutely perfect!

Dusk Eve'z
Bill Dunlop

Works real well

Clip'N'Go - 3 Lenses in 1 pair of Glasses
Virginia Swanberg-Schroeder
Best glasses ever.

I have always had problems sleeping. Since using these glasses I have had the best sleep ever. Thank you!!

Dusk Sleeper'z
Doris Hayes
Love these

I am already sleeping better these are great!!

Best sleep I have ever had!

I was a little skeptical about these glasses when I bought them but they have exceeded all expectations. Now I fall asleep quickly and I don’t wake up until my alarm goes off. I am not even conscious of myself tossing and turning. Which before I would always feel myself tossing and turning and I would need some kind of sleep aid to fall asleep and now I don’t need any of that!
These glasses are a must have if you need better sleep!

Glo Sleeper'Z
Christine H.
Nighttime necessity

I love my glo sleeperz! I’ve always had issues with insomnia and falling asleep and while it’s not a magic charm, I do believe they have been helping me at bedtime. They are very comfortable and good quality. I can’t wait to buy the other pairs!

Glo DayGo'z
Amber V.
Comfortable and stylish

I love these glasses and wear them a lot. They are very comfortable. You can see a lot of the rim in your vision. The style is great- a little funky and unisex.

No more tired CPA eyes

I love my new reading glasses. I work long hours in front of the computer and with tax season even longer hours! My eyes are not as tired any more and I am sleeping better! Awesome product

Readers Only
Vanessa C.
Tired CPA eyes no more!!!!

I love my new reading glasses. My eyes are not tired any more, I am sleeping better. The only thing is that I wished they had an actual glass case to carry them in my purse. Great product!

Dusk Eve'z
Life changing

Not to be too dramatic, however even wearing these night glasses the first night I slept very well, deeply and woke up refreshed. I know how important a good nights sleep is and despite my previous efforts I wasn’t sleeping well consistently. I now have ordered the yellow early evening glasses. I love that fact this company is Canadian, the price point, the research that has gone into their product development and the ongoing support in their newsletters and customer service. :heart:️

Think of the Benefits

They take a bit of getting used to but I remind myself of the importance of using them. I have not had the opportunity to use while driving yet but they work well when using computer and watching TV. It is my understanding that cataracts and other eye problems develop at later years because of continued exposure to blue light. Trying to minimize exposure. I’m sure that with continued use it will become second nature. The design of the 3 in 1 is great.

Dusk Eve'z
Marania H.
I use them every evening,

I use them every evening, I'm very satisfied by the Dusk Eve'z.

My new favourite biohacking glasses!

FABULOUS! I love the design and the lenses are extremely high quality! I also can't wait to interview the founder on my podcast!

These clip-ons are amazing.

I have the early evening ones on now. These clip-ons are amazing. I have the glasses on whenever I am working on the computer or any device, and later evenings watching TV. They have improved the quality of my sleep and are the only approach I have tried over the last 2 years that actually works.
Whether this is a good thing or not, I’ve noticed that if I don’t have the glasses on while working on my desktop or laptop for more than 10 minutes, I start to feel a little off, my eyes feel tired and I am aware of feeling very slightly nauseous. I had no idea how much artificial light and blue light affect the body and nervous system!

I wear my Vivarays religiously!!

I have been very pleased with your frames and I love your clip-and-go concept. I was kind of frustrated with having to purchase yellow frames and then orange and then red – and having to manage the location of all three and then if I go on a trip, lugging three pairs of glasses….and so on!! So, your 3 in one is really cool.
I have purchased Swanicks and Ra Optics as well. I will say that I learned about you from Sarah K. of Carnivore Yogi. She has been a big supporter of you and Ra Optics.

Sunkist Eve'z
Marie L.
Learning about light

I’ve been enjoying my new glasses and had a great conversation with Roudy. I am a healthier person as I wear my new glasses

Glo Eve'z
Darren F.
Best there is IMO and

Best there is IMO and I have them all

Clip ons

I tried sleep supplements, room darkening, music, meditations, but nothing worked to resolve my sleep issues... until I tried the sleep bundle (clip ons). Immediately I had results and my sleep continues to improve!

Sunkist Eve'z
Susanne H.
Life Changing

Since wearing the Sunkist Evez I dont suffer under daily fatigue anymore, astonishing.