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Alegria Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers


These glasses truly relieve the straining of my eyes when I look at my phone or computer. In fact I am so relaxed with them on in the evening, but I want to fall asleep earlier, And dare I say, I even sleep better?! My son has and cannot even work in his office without them,and now I ordered a pair for my hubby! My daughter wants a pair too. Thank you Vivaray for helping me take another step to vibrant health in my lifestyle!

Head pressure went away

I used to have head pressure while looking at screens. My eyes are more relaxed as well. This is a great product!

Head pressure went away

I used to have head pressure while looking at screens. My eyes are more relaxed as well. This is a great product!

amazing unexpected outcome

i sleep beter, earlier and deeper. Try it and you will not be sorry

Glo Nightime Blue Light Blockers

I’ve had these glasses for a couple weeks now. I feel like I get a better nights sleep. However, my glasses have a few scratches on them too. But overall, I’m liking the results.

Vivarays lunettes de jour jaune

Finition, packaging...impeccable Très bien protégé pour sécuriser le trajet du Canada vers la France.
Les lunettes sont belles et très solides par leur forme et matériaux.
Une fois porter, l'on ne peux plus s'en détacher.
Ayant une activité professionnelle administrative et informatique cela me permet d'être plus concentrée, moins, agitée avec plus de gènes oculaires.
Je suis plus performante dans mon activité en focalisant sur l'essentiel.
Je ne m'attendais pas à une telle rapidité d'amélioration.
Mon sommeil se retrouve apaisé, sans réveil nocturne.Je suis plus vive le matin sans boisson excitante...
Je pense faire un second achat pour les lunettes Vivarays Orange de soirée pour aider intensément mon sommeil.
Attention: une tuerie d' efficacité !
Je recommande à 100 % pour les personnes utilisant les écrans de manière générale.


My sleep is much more deep day after day.
Thank for your glasses and thank you for all the knowledge that is in your ebook.

Aviator Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers

Really like these glasses, great quality!

Top quality products. Really improved my sleep quality

Game Changer!

My Health Coach suggested the nighttime glasses for wearing before bed and I am OBSESSED! They help me wind down after work and get me feeling ready to sleep. I have been falling asleep so quickly since I started using them and have recommended them to friends and family because I cannot believe how much of a difference they make!

Viva Rays Blue Light blockers

I absolutely love these glasses!! They are fantastic for my office job

Amazing !

I love the Sunkist style. The evening blue blockers were perfect my evening work times. Super cute and comfy.


Beautifully conceived (the magnetic design) and constructed of high quality materials. I'm especially pleased with the clear frames...very clean and pretty.

I absolutely adore these glasses!

I cannot say enough positive things about these abundance daytime blue light blockers. I wear them all day at work, unless I step outside, and my eyes no longer feel strained. I am sleeping so soundly. I really, really, think these are wonderful.

Love them and they look great and made of high quality materials

These are excellent glasses! High quality and high quality materials. Frames are made of wood. Blocks out the frequencies needed to go to sleep. I ordered these on a whim and i am pleasantly surprised how good they are.


I’ve been wearing mine everyday, during screen time always, and when I am around a lot of artificial light. I can really tell a difference with my focus and energy. I’ve been waking up earlier and getting to bed earlier too. These glasses are now a part of my daily uniform. I think everyone needs a pair

Love my frames

Great frames

Stylish and they work

I like these glasses very much. I will sure make them part of my night routine in case I go to the movies or an occasional gathering in the evening.

A leg

Great product and I have been pleased with the results!

The Lenses Make a Difference

The yellow, orange, and red lenses have all attributed to having less eye strain and has helped my sleep quality increase exponentially. I highly recommend the lenses, but if you need somewhere to start first go with the yellow. It's a worthy investment

Improved sleep the very first night!

I am always skeptical of health related claims, but I wore these the first day and that night was the soundest sleep in years. Eyes felt much better when reading late in the day too.


Excellent i look forward to the future wit these glasses.

Glo Nightime blue light blockers

Love them

I love my VivaRays and the customer service is