The problem with prescription lenses is that they are designed to block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Blocking all UV light during the day with prescription glasses or sunglasses messes with your circadian rhythm and can cause fatigue, depression, insomnia, and loss of productivity.The VivaRays UV transmitter lenses are scientifically engineered to allow healthy UV light to enter your eyes when you go outside. They are made for people who wear prescription lenses. Our premium CR39 lenses are designed by experts in optics and circadian rhythm and are scientifically tested to allow 55-60% of beneficial UV light to enter your eyes.

Lowers blood pressure

Regulates circadian rhythm

Improves Energy & Focus

Increases sex hormones

Improve your mood & Sleep

How do VivaRays UV Transmitter Lenses Work?

Seamlessly gain back what has been taken away from you

Unlock the profound benefits of natural UV light from sunlight with our UV-transmitting lenses.

These lenses are engineered to allow 55-60% of the beneficial UV rays to penetrate the lenses and activate the powerful healing mechanism that your body goes through when your eyes are exposed to UV light.

Simply replace your regular prescription glasses with our UV transmitting glasses and let them do their magic for you!

What are the benefits?

Here are a few of the countless benefits you instantly access when you expose your eyes to UV light from sunlight

Vitamin production

Lowers blood pressure

Make your heart stronger by 35% 

Increases blood flow

Decreases the resting heart rate, calming your nervous system

Helps you lose weight

Increases sex hormones (on average 120% after exposure to UVA and UVB)

UV helps to control apoptosis which is important to prevent cancer

Increases your mood and improves your sleep

Increases your energy, endurance, and muscle strength

Did you know that the more sun exposure you have (which includes UV light), the lower your chances of dying from all-cause mortality? And that even includes skin cancer!

When and how should I wear the UV transmitter lenses? 

• Wear your UV Transmitter lenses the same way you wear your regular prescription lenses.

• As soon as you go inside and you are exposed to artificial light, snap your VivaRays Daytime Lenses. 

• After Sunset, snap your VivaRays Evening Lenses

• 2 hours before bed, switch to your VivaRays Night lenses.

The convenience of VivaRays Frame for optimal outdoor and indoor lighting

Finally, a 4-in-1 technology that maximizes healthy light from sunlight and eliminates junk artificial light  ALL in 1 FRAME.

As a VivaRays user, you finally don’t need to have a frame for outdoors and another one for indoors and go through the pain of continuously needing to change frames.  

You now have it ALL in ONE. When you buy any frame from this collection, you can upgrade and get all the indoor clip-on lenses at any time you want.


Yes, for sure! 

We are happy to offer you 2 options:

Option 1:

Ordering the UV transmitter lenses + a daytime clip on

To complete the set and have the Clip’N’Go 4 in 1, you will need:

1. The UV transmitter lenses: They will be installed on your current base frame 

2. The daytime clip-on: for indoor use anytime you are exposed to artificial light during the day.

Below are the next steps for the upgrade:

1.Send us an email at support@vivarays.com with the subject line ‘’ UPGRADE’’

2.Please mention your email address used in your previous order or your order number

3. Our team will send you a manual invoice.

4. Once paid, our optometrist will start manufacturing the lenses and ship them to you.

5. Since all our wooden frames come with a screwing system, it is super easy to replace your current lenses. We will send you the instructions via email.

Option 2:

Ordering the Glo base frame with the UV transmitter lenses + a daytime clip-on (optional)

If you wish to keep your current base frame with the daytime prescription lenses and have another frame for outdoor use, then please follow the below steps:

1.Order the Glo base frame

2. Use code ‘’ Upgrade’’ at checkout for a 20% discount. 

3.After you checkout, you can add your daytime clip on.

Regular prescription glasses are designed to filter out 100% of UVA and UVB. They use a coating that filters 100% of the UV as well as parts of the beneficial blue light that you get from sunlight. VivaRays lenses allow 100% of the visible light as well as 55-60% of the UV light through so that you can get what nature intended for us.

Blue light blocking glasses are meant to be worn inside when you are exposed to artificial blue light. They are meant to mitigate the negative impact of blue light wavelengths when it is not properly balanced by the rest of the spectrum or when they are present at the wrong time of day (like in the evening or at night).

Our UV transmitter lenses are designed to replace your regular prescription lenses to restore a more natural spectrum of light when you are outside and exposed to UV light. Like superman, you need the full spectrum of the sun to access your full potential!

• Wear your UV Transmitter lenses the same way you wear your regular prescription lenses.

• As soon as you go inside and you are exposed to artificial light, snap your VivaRays Daytime Lenses. After Sunset, snap your VivaRays Evening Lenses, and 2 hours before bed switch to your VivaRays Night lenses, which block 100% of blue and green light, to optimize your circadian rhythm and help you get a great night's sleep.

Like everything in life, too much of a good thing can become problematic. The same thing goes for UV light. The small amount we get from nature, balanced by the rest of the natural spectrum of sunlight, is actually beneficial in many ways for us.

As Dr.John Ott says: '' Giving too much oxygen at birth will blind the baby, but it would be foolish to conclude that oxygen is bad and we should avoid it at all costs''.

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies about the beneficial effects of UV light on our health.

Light is a powerful nutrient. We need a balanced consumption of all the wavelengths to live a happy, and healthy life.

Trace amounts of UV light, like we get from sunlight are essential to our health

We know that too much light into the eyes can be damaging. This is why your pupils have the ability to constrict (they get smaller, decreasing the amount of light reaching your retina) or to dilate (they get bigger, increasing the amount of light reaching your retina). Even if we don’t have the capacity to see UV light, there are special receptors in our eyes that can detect it. These receptors send feedback to our brain to help control the constriction/dilatation of the pupils. So when you are outside wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses that block UV light, your pupils lose their ability to constrict properly. After a while, your eyes become much more sensitive to sunlight because you don’t have the ability to properly constrict your pupils.

After a couple of days where you gradually increase your exposure to natural sunlight with our UV transmitter lenses, your pupils will regain their ability to constrict in response to sunlight and your eyes will be able to tolerate natural sunlight as they should.

Yes, we are soon launching new frames.

1.We currently have the Glo frame available in stock. 

2.You can pre-order the Dusk frame with UV transmitter lenses 

3.The Dusk Clip Ons for indoor use will be available soon as well.