Kids Blue Light Blockers


    Kids Blue Light Blockers

    Kids Computer Glasses for Daytime

    VivaRays Kids Computer Glasses are scientifically designed to be used during the day when kids are playing on iPads, digital devices and under artificial light.

    These blue light glasses are designed to balance out the distorted blue light without blocking it completely, which allow kids to receieve the beneficial wavelengths of blue light responsible of high brain activity, focus, and good mood.

    Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses for sleep

    Our Eve'z blue light blocking glasses are designed to be used after sun set. They mimics bonfire color temperature allowing kids to relax and wind down in the evening.
    The lens blocks 100% of blue light and the most stimulating green wavelengths up to 515nm, the exact frequency that signal to our brain that it is still daytime and prevent our kids from falling asleep, staring asleep or both.