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  • Avoid Gaining Weight This Christmas and Turning Into the Grinch

    Christmas brings with it parties, dinners, gatherings and other social events. This also brings with it a few extra pounds and oftentimes, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and laziness.

    If you want to avoid weight gain over Christmas, you can! Learn how - Click here.

  • How Does The Winter Solstice Affect You and Your Mood?

    Winter solstice represents the darkest day of the year. Throughout history, many cultures celebrated the light during the darkest day of the year! In this blog, we will talk about why the winter, which once was a very sacred time for healing, cleansing and rejuvenating, has become a season of depression, anxiety, and sadness.
  • Artificial Light At Night Causes Depression and Lowers Productivity and Learning

    Our early ancestor’s success and productivity were determined by their ability to live in conformity with the rise and the fall of the sun. Today though, we are not living in harmony with the law of circadian rhythm. At the turn of the 20th century, electricity and electric light spread throughout our society. The NIGHT IS BECOMING DAY in a flick of a switch. According to circadian biologists, this is leading to chronic diseases like anxiety, depression, loss of productivity to name a few.

  • Daylight Saving Time - The Ignorance of ‘’Lying’’ About the True Time

    True-time is governed by the movement (orbit) of the earth around sunlight which changes in a perfectly orderly manner(in a perfect and slow manner) across the year, enabling all biological organisms to adapt perfectly to the different seasons.

    Daylight Saving Time is making us ill and affecting our mental wellbeing.

    Learn how to differentiate between the true clock and the delusional clock.