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  • The Truth about UV light

    Like a lot of concepts related to health, UV light is misunderstood. As with everything in life, context is important when we talk about the impac...
  • How to lose weight without dieting?

    It's well known that obesity and metabolic dysfunction are now endemic in industrialized countries like the US.  Two-thirds of the American popula...
  • Why focusing on your health from the inside out is key for longevity and beauty

    When it comes to aging, most of us don’t necessarily look forward to it. No one is eager to age. The usual picture that comes to mind when we thin...
  • How light affect every stage of a mother's life

    Every mom gives unconditionally. She provides love from her body, from the moment we enter her sacred womb until the moment she takes her last breath on earth.

    Every day is an opportunity for you and me to re-give love for the love given to us.

  • Woman’s Mitochondria Hold within them the Future of Health and Wellbeing

    Mothers are powerful beings who bring the quantum light code into the vessel we call the tiny baby inside the womb. Mothers are the light-bringers...
  • How to Take Care of your Wooden Frames?

    We believe that health is a state that can only be achieved when living in harmony with all the elements, earth, water, air, fire, and ether, which are present within us and all around us.

    This is why we combined Science, sustainability, and style to provide you with the highest quality circadian-friendly glasses and light management products, so you can enjoy optimal health, look stylish and leave no harm to our precious nature.

    So, if you already own a pair of VivaRays wooden frames, you made an excellent conscious choice. You have chosen a product with significantly less production carbon footprint, less plastic, and is non-toxic. And you'll look and feel better too!

  • 8 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Love Hormone Levels

    Here are some wonderful and effective ways to love ourselves, increase our oxytocin and grow an astonishing relationship with our loved ones. Read the article now.
  • Why We Suffer With The Winter Time Blues & What We Can Do About It

    In this blog, we will talk about  5 reasons why the wintertime has become a time of depression, sadness and fatigue and how to turn the wintertime into a period of healing, rejuvenation, and emotional reset!
  • How to Walk in the Footsteps of the Masters and Apply the Effortless Way to Enhance Productivity and Creativity

    SLEEP creates the mental conditions that make achieving your goals inevitable. Yet 95% of society is sabotaging this process. Learn what we are doing to create our own demise. Roudy Nassif, founder of VivaRays also shares what we can do to correct this and realize our true potential.

  • Avoid Gaining Weight This Christmas and Turning Into the Grinch

    Christmas brings with it parties, dinners, gatherings and other social events. This also brings with it a few extra pounds and oftentimes, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and laziness.

    If you want to avoid weight gain over Christmas, you can! Learn how - Click here.

  • How Does The Winter Solstice Affect You and Your Mood?

    Winter solstice represents the darkest day of the year. Throughout history, many cultures celebrated the light during the darkest day of the year! In this blog, we will talk about why the winter, which once was a very sacred time for healing, cleansing and rejuvenating, has become a season of depression, anxiety, and sadness.
  • Artificial Light At Night Causes Depression, Learning, and Productivity Issues

    Our early ancestor’s success and productivity were determined by their ability to live in conformity with the rise and the fall of the sun. Today though, we are not living in harmony with the law of circadian rhythm. At the turn of the 20th century, electricity and electric light spread throughout our society. The NIGHT IS BECOMING DAY in a flick of a switch. According to circadian biologists, this is leading to chronic diseases like anxiety, depression, loss of productivity to name a few.