How to Take Care of your Wooden Frames?

How to take care of your wooden frames

At VivaRays, we are serious about sustainability and preserving our planet earth for future generations to come.

Our increased rate of unconscious production and consumption of toxic chemicals and non-biodegradable synthetic materials is threatening our environment, health, and life on earth.

We believe that health is a state that can only be achieved when living in harmony with all the elements, earth, water, air, fire, and ether, which are present within us and all around us.

This is why we combined Science, sustainability, and style to provide you with the highest quality circadian-friendly glasses and light management products, so you can enjoy optimal health, look stylish and leave no harm to our precious nature.

So, if you already own a pair of VivaRays wooden frames, you made an excellent conscious choice. You have chosen a product with significantly less production carbon footprint, less plastic, and is non-toxic. And you'll look and feel better too!

We’ve gathered up some tips on ways to take care of your wooden glasses:


1. Don’t rest your blue light blockers on your forehead or clothing

As tempting as this may be, this will loosen the arms, weakening the frame. Keeping them on your head will also stretch and re-shape your eyewear, reducing fit. 

2. Store them Properly

vivarays wooden frames

Use the bamboo hard case provided when not wearing. When removing your blue light blockers, make sure to always store them securely in their case. Keeping them anywhere else but in a safe case can risk losing or breaking them. 

vivarays wooden frames

3. Use the Microfibre pouch to wipe lenses after use

Do not use clothing as your clothes have micro-particles of dust and dirt which can damage the polarised or mirror coatings of any lens.

4. Clean the frame and lenses with lightly soaped warm water 

Do not use alcohol-based liquids, wiping a damp cloth with a tiny amount of washing-up liquid and warm water is more than enough for regular cleaning.


Ebony Wood and Bamboo Instructions

Wood and Bamboo are organic materials that will naturally decompose under certain conditions.

Your VivaRays frames Glasses have been treated with non-toxic treatment to mitigate splinters, rot, and protection against the elements.

So like quality wood furniture, they should last years with good care. 

The only additional care instructions for wood are to oil once every 4-6 months with any (ideally natural) lubricate. This can be lip balm, beeswax, even olive oil. The idea is to mitigate the wood drying and cracking.  

Knowing how to care properly for VivaRays Junk Light Blockers wooden blue light blockers is essential.

Since wood is a very durable material, you’ll be able to have your VivaRays Junk Light Blockers for years with proper care and use.


VivaRays Ebony Wooden Frames are FSC Certified!

Buying FSC-certified wood is crucial as sustainably sourced wood from forests that meet FSC requirements does not damage forests and natural habitats.

In responsibly managed forests, you won’t find bare patches of land where trees used to grow. When an oil tree is chopped, a new tree is planted so that the forest grows sustainably and biodiversity is protected. 

FSC is dedicated to preserving the environment making the planet safer and healthier for humans and animals.

VivaRays Ebony Wooden Frames are FSC Certified, so you can stay assured of causing no harm to the environment.


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