HerHealth,HerStrenght: Celebrating Claudia Muehlenweg's Visionary Approach to Natural Eyesight

HerHealth,HerStrenght: Celebrating Claudia Muehlenweg's Visionary Approach to Natural Eyesight

Hey VivaRays Community,

In honor of Women's International Day, we're thrilled to spotlight a remarkable woman who's transforming lives by championing a natural approach to vision improvement. Meet Claudia Muehlenweg, the visionary founder of the Naturally Clear Vision Institute and the creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method.

Claudia Muehlenweg: From Blurry to Brilliant

Imagine disliking your glasses so much that you embark on a lifelong mission to see clearly without them. That's exactly what Claudia did. Since the age of three, glasses were her constant, unwelcome companions. Fast forward to over 20 years ago, Claudia made a breakthrough that would set her on a path to help others achieve naturally clear vision, just as she did.

The Naturally Clear Vision Method: A 40-Year Odyssey

Claudia's method isn't just a quick fix; it's a comprehensive, root-cause approach to improving eyesight naturally.

Claudia believes in making your eyes better for the long run. Instead of quick fixes like glasses, contacts, or surgery, she uses what she learned from 40 years of her own experiences and lots of study. For more than ten years, she's been helping people see better naturally, without needing glasses or other aids

As a former award-winning designer and art director, Claudia understands the critical importance of eyesight, not just for her creative endeavors but for experiencing life's beauty to the fullest. Her mission and the vision of the Naturally Clear Vision Institute are to unlock freedom and confidence, empowering others to live their true purpose.

Claudia's Daily Routine for Optimal Vision

Claudia's daily routine is a testament to her commitment to natural vision improvement:

  • Clear Morning Ritual: Starting the day with Blink & Breathe head circles, stretching, yawning, and expressing gratitude to set the stage for optimal eyesight.
  • Palming During Morning Meditation: Engaging in meditation in darkness to rest the eyes and center the mind.
  • Journaling and Setting Intentions: Crafting a vision for the day ahead with intentionality.
  • Coffee and Sunlight: Depending on the season, Claudia enjoys her coffee with a side of sunlight, absorbing those early rays before or after journaling and meditation.

Why Claudia Recommends VivaRays

Claudia is an advocate for VivaRays, recognizing the critical role our Circadian Harmonizing Glasses play in reducing eye strain caused by indoor artificial light and excessive screen use. 

Claudia's Favorite frames are the Alegria Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 glasses. Use her code'' CLAUDIA'' to get a 10% discount on VivaRays products

Join Claudia's Vision Revolution







Click here to sign up 

It’s a five-day online natural vision improvement program that will get you started on the path to naturally clear vision.

Here’s what you will be able to do: 

  • Read with more ease
  • Relieve your computer eyestrain
  • Reduce any sunlight sensitivity 
  • Improve your depth perception
  • Be able to see more clearly using visualization
  • Up-level your mindset about your eyesight


Let's honor Claudia's unique method for better eyesight naturally this Women's International Day. Her commitment to a world where everyone can see clearly is a shining example of hope. She shows us that living life to the fullest, free from the limits of not seeing well, is possible.

Thank you Claudia for making what so many think is impossible as possible💜🧡

Until next time, keep your vision clear and your purpose bright.

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