Meet Carrie Bennett: Your Quantum Wellness Expert

Meet Carrie Bennett: Your Quantum Wellness Expert

Hey VivaRays Community!

Today, we've got a super special story to share. It’s about Carrie Bennett, a superstar in the world of Quantum health.

Carrie's Transformational Story:

Carrie’s journey is an inspiration to us all.

Struggling with chronic joint issues, insomnia, and debilitating stomach pain post childbirth, Carrie found herself in a health rut despite her deep knowledge in biology and nutrition. That is until she discovered the game-changing field of quantum biology. This wasn't just about fancy science; it was about reconnecting with the natural world in a powerful way.

Carrie learned that optimal health isn't only dependent on diet and exercise but also on living in harmony with nature's rhythms. Her mission has since been to teach her clients to thrive by utilizing quantum health strategies focused on light, water, electrons, and mitochondrial support. She translates complex quantum mechanisms into actionable strategies, emphasizing the use of light, water, and nature.

A sought-after speaker and online practice consultant, Carrie is also a the lead faculty member and on the Board of Advisors for the Quantum Biology Collective, the world’s premier certification for Applied Quantum Biology in clinical practice. 

Here’s Carrie's Top Tips:

🌻 Protect your circadian rhythm with orange-tinted blue blockers from sunset to sunrise.

🌻Rehydrate in the morning with Quinton Isotonic minerals and quality water.

🌻Embrace morning light through sky gazing and sun exposure

🌻Enhance detoxification by adding shilajit to your coffee.

🌻Maintain good posture, take breaks for movement and posture checks.

🌻Connect with nature through UVA exposure and grounding activities.

🌻Stay hydrated with water enriched with a salt blend.

🌻Reduce eye strain with Daytime Harmonizing Glasses during screen time.

🌻Sync up with nature by taking outdoor breaks.

🌻Use a grounding mat to gather electrons and support posture.

🌻Engage in red light therapy or sauna sessions post-work.

🌻Focus on balanced meals with nutrient-dense and seasonal foods.

🌻Practice gratitude in the evening.

🌻Ensure a restful sleep environment is dark and quiet.

Carrie’s Favorites:

VivaRays blue light blockers

Carrie uses and recommends VivaRays circadian Light Harmonizing glasses, to all her clients and has been using them for over 2 years. Carrie Wears her VivaRays throughout the day to manage artificial light from day to night and keep her circadian rhythm on track.

Use Code’’CARRIEBWELLNESS'' to get 15% OFF on all VivaRays Circadian Tools.

Join Carrie’s 14-day Spring Challenge!

Prepare your body for summer’s intensity with the 14-Day SPRING RESET Challenge. If you've been taught to fear the sun, this challenge is a game-changer, teaching you to harness spring's energy for your skin, eyes, and overall health, including detoxing and utilizing nourishing spring weeds.

The challenge begins on the 19th of March!

Here's what you will learn with Carrie over the course of 14 days👇

  • How to Set Your Circadian Rhythm Using Light
  • Using Morning Light to Improve Hormone Imbalances
  • Using Morning Light to Improve Mood & Metabolism
  • The Benefits of Light on the Skin: Cancer, Cardiovascular Health, & More
  • Preparing Your Skin to Handle the Intensity of Summer Light
  • Preparing Your Eyes to Handle More Intense Sunlight
  • Why and How to Stop Using Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  • Sunlight + Gut Health
  • Sunlight + Autoimmune Conditions
  • Creating a Healing Sleep Space
  • Circadian Spring Nourishment: Sunlight + Plants, Detox Support, Fasting, & Nourishing Weeds
  • The Benefits of Earthing, Both Physically & Energetically
  • Why Movement in Nature is Healing: Coherence, Retuning the Biofield, & Piezoelectricity
  • Other Spring Rhythms + Vital Energy: Aether Implosions, Spring Cleaning, Open Windows, & More

 Click here to join the 14 Day Challenge!


Through Carrie's insights and our science-backed tools, we invite you to join us in this light revolution. Together, we can awaken to the freedom, flow, and vitality that comes from living in rhythm with nature's light and dark cycles.

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