Hello, Viva community. It’s a wintery season on this side of the planet. And many of you have asked about detox methods as we’re approaching the Holiday indulgence. Nothing to shy away from! We’re all humans 🙂that want an easy fix at the last minute. But today, you’ll actually…

Discover the world of the most efficient detoxification method you couldn't have imagined before. In this EduLight you'll meet the seemingly invisible forces of physics that hold the key to your vibrant health and smooth body functioning. 

It's not just about what we consume or how we move. It’s about understanding the wisdom of physical forces beyond visible, following their principles, and adjusting your lifestyle based on their system. On this quest, you'll learn the essentials of how and why light and magnetism command profound influence on human biology. 💫
When you understand this, you'll be empowered to change your life and health for the better.
Remain curious and let's begin.

Your detox pathways through slightly different lenses: explore how the natural cycle of light and darkness directly influences your body's detox mechanisms.

While we emphasize the inner light and the force within you… there are also forces outside of you that work in synchrony with you and every human being and the planet. And these are the forces of physics that control our biology. Forces like Light and Magnetism are the primary ones before any of the aforementioned for your health.


“Your ability to flush out toxins is controlled by light”

Sleep: Natural Detoxifier

But first, let’s talk about sleep. During sleep, the body's detoxification systems work more efficiently.
For example, the liver, which is the body's main detox organ, is controlled by the circadian clock, and according to the Chinese medicine clock, it works most effectively between 1-3 am. Certain enzymes involved in detoxifying the blood have a daily rhythm which is controlled by light and dark patterns. These enzymes optimize the liver’s ability to filter toxins from the blood at night when we sleep and while the body is naturally fasting.

Which means that…
If you don't have regular and consistent exposure to sunlight during the day but you expose yourself to artificial light at night, no amount of detox will work.

Sleep also allows the brain to remove toxins. How? Well, the glymphatic system clears waste and toxins from the brain and is primarily active at night when we sleep.
During sleep, the cells in the brain shrink by about 60%, increasing the space between them and allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to flush out the accumulated metabolic waste more effectively. 

😴This is why a good night’s sleep feels refreshing, keeping your brain vital, and clear the following day. This might be the best medicine against neuro-generative disease, before any supplement or diet. And it’s a baseline, remember that!

Melatonin: Light-Induced Antioxidant Protection

Also, humans produce endocrine melatonin in the eye as a response to morning sunlight. It’s stored in the pineal gland in the brain and released into the bloodstream in response to darkness. Melatonin and the glymphatic system go hand in hand, they’re interconnected.

The glymphatic system works much better when we have a solid melatonin rhythm due to regular light exposure in the morning and avoiding artificial lights after sunset. This is the thing that you want to embed into your daily routine, as it weighs importance. Now, more about melatonin…

What’s melatonin “big deal” everyone is talking about these days? Rightly so. Melatonin has powerful antioxidant properties, protecting the central nervous system by scavenging free radicals. Some experts from the field even say it’s more important than glutathione. Its neuroprotective role complements the function of the glymphatic system by reducing the oxidative stress that can contribute to the metabolic waste the glymphatic system needs to clear. 

“Melatonin’s neuroprotective role complements the function of the glymphatic system by reducing the oxidative stress.”

Also, sunlight and exposure to IR and UV light have been shown to increase the production of locally produced melatonin in the cells. Sun, again? Yep. Day blue light and the Sun rays are involved in pretty much everything your body does and needs.

There is a difference between these two melatonin. Locally produced melatonin is different from the endocrine melatonin that is produced by the pineal gland and released into the bloodstream. This one gets produced during the day and has nothing to do with sleep.  It is, again, a very powerful antioxidant, acting as a scavenger of free radicals, clearing out inflammation locally in the cell, supporting cellular defense mechanisms, and improving cell-to-cell communication.

“There are two types of melatonin, locally produced melatonin and endocrine melatonin. Endocrine is produced by the pineal gland and released into the bloodstream. While “local” melatonin production happens during the day when we’re exposed to IR and UV light.”

Now, let’s take a look into the other roles involved in your detox regime and what may disturb their work.

The Critical Interplay of Hormones and Light 

Stress hormones: blue light (common in electronic device screens) increases the stress hormone cortisol which negatively impacts both sleep and detoxification.

Growth Hormone: you release this hormone during deep sleep and its role is in the repair and regeneration of tissues, which can be considered part of the detoxification process as the body replaces old or damaged cells.

Mitophagy plays a crucial role in cellular detoxification. It’s a process that the mitochondria use to recycle and replace the old mitochondria that no longer serve to prevent them from causing oxidative stress and damage to the cell. Mitophagy is influenced by the light and dark rhythm.
For proper mitophagy to happen at night you need sunlight exposure particularly UVA from the sun during the day. You see, everything is around day and night cycles. One does depend on the other to accomplish essential bodily functions.

“Mitophagy is a process that our mitochondria use to recycle and replace the old mitochondria that no longer serve. This prevents them from causing oxidative stress and damage to the cell. To do this properly, mitophagy largely depends on the light and dark rhythm from the environment.”

Hormesis: low-level stress like UV radiation, activates beneficial stress response pathways that improve cellular function. In the case of mitochondria, low-level stress stimulates mitophagy, clearing out damaged mitochondria and promoting the generation of new, more efficient ones.

Circadian Rhythms: exposure to UV light, especially during the morning, can help synchronize the body’s circadian rhythms, which in turn regulate various metabolic and physiological processes, including autophagy and mitophagy. Darkness triggers the production of melatonin, which is the main signal activating the body's natural detoxification processes, including mitophagy and autophagy. Once again

“We need as much light as we need darkness in our 24-hour circadian rhythm.”

Think of Light as the head chef in the kitchen of your body, directing all biological processes, including whipping up the essential hormones and neurotransmitters that shape your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It's the master conductor orchestrating the symphony of your well-being. All those other players that holistic medicine talks about – neurotransmitters, genes, microbiomes – they're like the kitchen staff, following light's lead, taking cues from this natural force to create the recipes that keep the bodily system running smoothly.

“Light is the master conductor orchestrating the symphony of your well-being.”

Now when you know this, you should also know that beyond the law of physics, you’re the one that controls your internal environment. That’s where it all starts - with your choices to act in a certain way - toward the better and healthier self. 
Just having the awareness of the Light and Magnetism’s impact on your biology, empowers you to effectively detoxify your system stuffed with modern pollutants we all deal with.

Take nature’s wisdom before any other intervention, it should be enough for the start. Let us know your thoughts and share your unique experience on our Instagram
Thank you for your interest in looking beyond visible! 

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  • Rick

    What if there is no sunrise where I live due to certain things being sprayed in the sky? It’s getting ridiculous, I know it’s not the same as nature but is there a UV light I can purchase as an alternative to use in the mornings?

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