Behind the Scenes: How Our Frames Are Made?

Behind the Scenes: How Our Frames Are Made?

Today, we're excited to share something truly special with you. We want to take you behind the scenes, into the production of VivaRays Frames.

Imagine, just for a moment, a world where every little choice we make is a step toward honoring our beautiful planet and our vibrant selves. That's the heartbeat of VivaRays.

Before introducing VivaRays to the world, we had this burning question about mass production that we just couldn’t shake off. Diving deep into the heart of factories opened our eyes to a world we knew we couldn’t be part of—unethical practices, tons of chemicals and plastic ending in our oceans. 

This was our call to action. It wasn’t just about finding an alternative; it was about creating a revolution in how things are made and being a great example for other companies to follow.👇

After a lot of research and trying to find a good-looking and ethical material, we discovered that wood could work perfectly for our frames. BUT not just any wood.... 

We needed something ethically sourced, because unfortunately, there are many unethical practices around harvesting wood. That's where the journey of finding and sourcing FSC-certified wood came into the picture. {Unsure what FSC-certified wood is? We will cover that in bit..}

After a year of operating VivaRays, our customers requested if we can include acetate frames to our collection. Of course we did not want to use acetate so we started the research once again..

Finally, after 9 month of exhaustive research, we were drawn to Mazzucchelli, an Italian source renowned for its exceptional quality of bio-acetate, as a great alternative to Regular Acetate.

But the challenge did not stop here. Most factories produce plastic and acetate because the industry asks for it, and that’s because they're cheap.

In other words, we struggled to find the right factory that could meet our needs or requirements were very hard.

We did not give up...

We always believed that when we work so hard for a goal that has a great impact, the universe will meet us halfway, and that is exactly what happened.✨☺️

We attracted an AMAZING eyewear factory with amazing ethics and values that supported us and believed in our vision and mission from day one. This is how we customize all your frames, from design to production, bringing you, our lovely community member, the highest quality frames with so much love and care 💜

Customizing our creations from the ground up was our path to delivering not just glasses, but a piece of our soul to you. 

Now, as we explored the reasons behind our choice of materials for your frame, let's dive deeper and examine the difference between ethical, high-quality materials & unethical, cheap materials such as plastic and regular Acetate:

FSC Certified Wood VS Plastic:

  • Sustainability and Responsibility: FSC certification guarantees that the wood in our frames is sourced from well-managed, ethical forests. In contrast, plastic, which comes from oil, harms the environment. FSC wood supports biodiversity, reduces carbon emissions, and helps forest communities, showing our dedication to taking care of the environment.
  • Aesthetic and Environmental Harmony: Wooden frames have a natural look that plastic cannot match. They show our commitment to avoiding adding to the global plastic waste problem.

Bio Acetate vs. Regular Acetate:

  • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable: Our bio-acetate frames come from Mazzucchelli, are made from renewable sources like wood pulp and cotton fibers. This makes them biodegradable and recyclable, unlike traditional acetate made from petroleum that are toxic to the skin and the environment.
  • Chemical-Free for Skin Safety: Our bio-acetate frames are made without the harmful chemicals found in standard plastics or acetate, making them safe and comfortable for all skin types. This reflects our commitment to health and living in harmony with nature.

Beautiful beings, this is the essence of VivaRays. It's not just about choosing quality over quantity; it's about infusing every decision with love, intention, and a relentless pursuit of a world where we all thrive—in harmony with nature.

Thank you for reading and being part of our beautiful community.

We invite you to embrace nature's rays and live vivaciously with us. Let's together ignite💜🧡

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