Why Your Body Doesn’t Need Another Supplement?

Why Your Body Doesn’t Need Another Supplement?

Unlocking Natural Health: How Light and Darkness Balance Our Biological Rhythms

In the complex world of modern medicine, there's a story that we are all being told. It's a story that suggests we're always missing something in our bodies. You are led to believe that you lack something that your body needs.

So now you have to take something to compensate for the lack.

Think about how many people today are adding extra cabinets in their homes.

But these aren’t for storing preserved food for the winter like our ancestors did.

They’re filled with bottles and boxes of supplements, a sign of all the things we're told our bodies lack.

But here's a truth that's often left unsaid, especially by those who make money selling us these supplements we might not even need.

Our bodies have a natural wisdom, a built-in ability to heal, fix, and balance themselves. This ability just needs us to remove the obstacles that are in its way.

Most obstacles today come from a man-made environment which differs significantly from nature. These artificial settings can confuse our body's inherent intelligence, disrupting its natural rhythm and function.

The best way to do this?

Get back in touch with the best, original most powerful healing modality called Mother Nature

What’s one big thing that's messing with our bodies without us even realizing it? The artificial light from bulbs and screens around us.

Everything in nature, from the smallest atom to the flowers in the fields to the stars above, is made up of dual forces that are equal and opposite.

These forces need to be in balance, like kids playing on a seesaw, moving up and down in a fun rhythm.

When this balance is right, everything works great. But if one side gets too heavy, the seesaw tips and the fun stops.

The dual forces of light and darkness govern the game of life and control the switches and the programming of our genetic expression.

They tell our bodies when it’s time to be awake, active, and creative or when it’s time to rest, heal, and detoxify. But artificial lights at night throw off this balance.

They sabotage the smooth, joyous rhythmic motion of our biological seesaw. The body becomes confused about the time of the day. Our bodies get mixed up about what time it is, muddling our internal clocks that depend on these natural cues.

When our man-made light environment doesn’t match nature's light, it creates chaos inside us. The effects can be countless: like gaining weight, feeling sad or anxious, getting swollen, having trouble doing things, feeling tired all the time, or not sleeping well.

To quote Walter Russell: "The effects of cause are complex and mystify man, but cause itself is simple. The universe is a multiplicity of changing effects of but One unchanging cause. All things are universal. Nothing is which is not universal.’’

Walter’s wisdom pinpoints the idea that while the outcomes of our actions can be complex, the reasons behind them are often straightforward.

This becomes obvious when we observe nature, where simplicity governs the most complex systems and processes, reminding us that complexity often arises from simple origins.

In 2017, the science of how our body clocks work won a big award. Nowadays, we know that many health problems come from our body clocks not working right. Your circadian clock is the mechanism that controls timing and the light and darkness forces of nature govern it.

When this cycle gets messed up, it’s like messing up the ground where our health grows.

When you live in an environment that is alienated from nature’s balance, the corrupted forces of physics (Light) will contaminate the soil of your biochemistry and well-being.

No matter how many supplements you take, if this balance is off, your body will not even use them properly.

So, before reaching for another bottle of pills, think about aligning yourself with the natural rhythm of light and dark.

Are you getting enough sunlight during the day?

Are you blocking artificial lights after sunset?

It might just be what your body needs to fix itself.

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