Woman’s Mitochondria Hold within them the Future of Health and Wellbeing

Woman’s Mitochondria Hold within them the Future of Health and Wellbeing

You inherited your mitochondrial DNA from your mother, who inherited hers from her mother, and so forth

Mothers are powerful beings who bring the quantum light code into the vessel we call the tiny baby inside the womb.

Mothers are the light-bringers.

The ability of every mother’s body to take the DNA of an egg and sperm and grow a complete human being in 40 weeks is miraculous.

Mothers give unconditionally.

They breastfeed. Every moment, day and night, they are in tune with their babies, to their every breath, every sigh, every cry, intimately connected with their being.

Among the many things that mothers give their babies, they pass on their mitochondrial genome.

Isn’t this fascinating?

Unlike nuclear DNA, which comes from both parents, mitochondrial DNA comes only from the mother.

Nobody fully understands why or how father's mitochondrial DNA gets wiped from cells.

You inherited your mitochondrial DNA from your mother, who inherited hers from her mother, and so forth.

Today, we know that more than 90% of modern chronic diseases originate in the mitochondrial genome and not in the nucleus genome as medicine initially thought.

Mothers, the givers of life, carry the quantum mitochondrial code for optimal health and wellbeing.

Every woman needs to understand this and learn how to cherish the ultimate power she carries.

Women’s mitochondria hold within them the future of health and wellbeing.

This blog is a gift to every woman, to every mother. May it inspire you to live the healthiest and most vibrant life and rekindle the spark of the power within you. Let's dive in👇

What are Mitochondria?

Mitochondria are miniature suns or power engines in our cells that burn the food that we eat and produce all our energy in the form of ATP or adenosine triphosphate, as well as a particular type of water called deuterium depleted water/metabolic water that is used by the cells and organs for all our metabolic functions.

In a nutshell, the better our mitochondria are functioning, the more ATP and DDW they produce, and the more energy we have to heal and carry out optimal daily functions from thinking, digesting, creating, healing, sleeping, and so on.

Where are the Mitochondria located?

Every single cell in our body, except red blood cells, contains mitochondria.

The number of mitochondria in a given cell depends on the cell’s metabolic function.For example, high energy-consuming organs like the brain and the heart have thousands of mitochondria/cells, whereas fat cells have far fewer mitochondria.

Role that Mitochondria play in health

The focus of medicine was on the nucleus genome as a commander of the cell controlling health.

However, Thanks to Dr. Wallace from the University of Washington, we now understand that 90% of our modern chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases originate in the mitochondrial genome and not the nucleus genome.

90% Chronic Diseases originate from mitochondria losing efficiency.- Dr.Douglas Wallace.

It has recently come to light that not only do mitochondria produce energy, and water that is critical to health, but they also play an absolutely essential role in sensing what is going on in the environment and mediating communication between the cell and its environment.

Mitochondria continuously transmit environmental messages to the cell that are critical to health, and one of the most essential pieces of information is LIGHT.

Even though the nucleus hosts our DNA, it turns out that our mitochondria are the producer of the energy and mediator of the information that instructs our DNA and lets it know what to do.

This changes the genetic expression or the proteins coded by our DNA to influence our organs, tissues, and cells without changing the DNA itself.

The health of your body depends on the energy your mitochondria can make and on the quality of the light that the mitochondria are transmitting to the cells.

Tissues that get diseased have poorly functioning mitochondria. So if you have a skin disease, heart disease, or brain disease, it means the mitochondria in those organs are not working correctly.

Therefore, understanding how mitochondria function is fundamental to reversing or preventing diseases and achieving optimal health.

Mitochondrial Genes

Unlike nuclear genes which are wrapped in protective proteins and stored safely in the nucleus, mitochondrial genes are vulnerable to attack from highly reactive molecules called free radicals.

Those free radicals are generated during the day as a byproduct of the production of energy that happens in the cell.

Our body needs to be capable of cleaning those free radicals for the mitochondria to keep functioning correctly.

Morning sunlight and true darkness at night are two powerful initiators to clean the reactive molecules and keep the mitochondria healthy efficiently.

Mitophagy, which is responsible for the clearance of dysfunctional mitochondria, happens at night when the body receives the proper signal that it’s dark outside.


Light has a Dual Side: It can either optimize your mitochondria or destroy them

Just like a FERRARI’s engine needs fuel, oxygen, and a spark to create internal combustion and generate energy, the mitochondria also require power in the form of food, oxygen, and a SPARK IN THE FORM OF LIGHT to ignite the process of metabolism.

If the car’s ignition system is not functioning correctly, fuel alone will not be able to run the vehicle.

Vitamins, food, and supplements will not solve the problem caused by a lack of the appropriate wavelengths of light.

For the past 1.5 billion years, these engines evolved to get full-spectrum sunlight during the day and complete darkness at night.

Morning sunlight is the spark to activate energy production in the cell.

This light also interacts with the water in the cell. It causes this water to become more structured, coherent, and dense.

This enhances the electron tunneling during the electron transport chain in the mitochondria, resulting in higher energy yield and more energy production.

Sunlight triggers the production of locally produced melatonin in the cell. This melatonin is made during the day and has nothing to do with sleep.

Its primary function is to clean off free radical and reactive oxygen species produced as metabolic byproducts. Those radicals are very nasty and can damage the mitochondrial genes, leading to inflammation and metabolic issues.

On the other hand, when the sun goes down, and we stop seeing high-frequency blue and green light, the body starts producing circulatory melatonin. This is known as the sleep hormone.

Circulatory melatonin is the highest anti-oxidant in nature. It goes into our bloodstream and performs deep cleaning and cellular repair.

The melatonin signaling activates mitophagy, enabling the mitochondria to turn over at night.

This is an essential process to keep our mitochondria efficient and powerful.

If we bathe in artificial light at night, we destroy the only process through which our cells are designed to clean themselves and repair.

woman lying on bed and using her phone

Day after day, our mitochondria start losing efficiency, and we start dealing with fatigue, irritation, fogginess, and eventually diseases.

At VivaRays, we keep empathizing the importance of blocking artificial light at night and helping the body and brain understand that it’s nighttime.

We need to maximize healthy sunlight during the day and protect ourselves from the harmful effects of artificial bad light, especially at night, in order to be the best and healthiest version of ourselves.

Every mother deserves to know this and have all the tools and resources needed to allow her, as a giver of life, to stay healthy and vibrant. It is straightforward yet mighty!

VivaRays Circadian Light Harmonizing Glasses are designed to block the RIGHT amount of artificial light at the right time of the day, which will keep your body tuned with nature’s light/dark cycles, and your mitochondria healthy. 

Every woman needs to know about the importance of:

🌻Eating seasonal organic food

🌻Getting plenty of sunshine during the day

🌻Avoiding toxic chemicals in materials like makeup, plastic etc

🌻Blocking all artificial light at night

🌻Deep rejuvenating sleep

🌻Supportive loving community

Every woman deserves this.💜🌻 Every woman deserves to live in a healthy environment in which she can carry the optimal mitochondrial code for future generations. 

To celebrate all Women in the world we are offering VivaRays Glasses for 20% OFF

With love, light & gratitude🫶🏽

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