Daylight Saving Time - The Ignorance of ‘’Lying’’ About the True Time

sun rising behind earth curvature during daylight saving

True-time is governed by the movement of the earth around sunlight which changes in a perfectly slow orderly manner across the year, enabling all biological organisms to adapt perfectly to the different seasons.

Learn how to differentiate between the true clock and the delusional clock.

The True clock =  The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) sits in the centre of your brain. It is the true timekeeper and its ability to track time depends on the rise and the fall of the sun.  

The delusional clock is that which you put around your wrist or see on your devices. This clock is easily manipulated by the ignorance of mankind. 

How Daylight Saving Time started:

The location of the Suprachiasmatic nucleus in the human brain.

After World War 1, the government wanted to cut on the cost of coal used to heat homes and as a result, the Germans were the first to adopt the light extending system, moving the clock 1 hour forward in order to increase the  daylight in the evening and save energy.

This campaign was advertised under this false belief:

"If I have more daylight, I can work longer for my country. We need every hour of light’’.

Man is impudent enough to spend Billions of dollars on war and ignorant enough to think that his daytime saving strategy will save energy.

Now think!

Nature’s time changes very slowly, about 5 mins/day across the year enabling us to optimally anchor the timing of our eating, thinking and sleep to an optimal time of the day.

This twice per year desynchronization of our body clocks has been linked to increased health risks like obesity, heart attack, cancer, and even car accidents.

While many might think that 1 hour is not that big of a deal, I guarantee you that it is. When your cells and organs receive a light signal that is offset by 1 hour suddenly, they need to work very hard in order to adapt to the sudden light signal change. 

Anyone who is living in a perfect rhythm will feel that even 1-hour shift will tremendously impact memory, thinking, clarity, digestion and sleep.

The problem is that our society is jet-legged all the time and never realizes the magic of living in rhythm.

You can only become aware of what it’s like to live off-rhythm when you start living in complete rhythm.

Being in rhythm means that your thinking is sharper, your memory is stronger, your learning is faster, your body is lighter, your creativity is enhanced, your sleep becomes deeper and your productivity peaks


    Tips to Manage the Transition From Daylight Saving to Standard Time:

    1. 4 days before the time’s change, start going to bed and waking up 15 mins later to help your body adjust.
    2. Put on your VivaRays glasses 15 mins later than you would usually do and this will start causing you to want to go to bed 15 mins later every day.
    3. Once the clock changes, stick to your sleeping schedule. Go to bed and get up at the same time.
    4. Help your clock adjust by eating and exercising at the same time every day. Your first and last bite are the most important for resetting your organ’s clock.
    5. Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol in the evening.
    6. Get out in the sun during daylight hours.

    Tips to Live in Rhythm:

    1. Get morning sunlight at the same time every day.
    2. Watch the sunset.
    3. Block all artificial lights at night.
    4. Eat your first meal at the same time every day.
    5. Finish your last meal at the same time every day.
    6. Exercise in the morning.

    Maybe it is time to really take a good hard look at this practice and better understand its affects on our health and our mental wellbeing. 

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