The Art of Sunbathing to Skyrocket Your Health

The Art of Sunbathing to Skyrocket Your Health

Sunbathing safely throughout the day will skyrocket your health. You will instantly enjoy more energy, clearer thinking, and feel much better in general.


In part 1 of this blog, you are going to learn:

☀️The different frequencies of sunlight

☀️How sunlight makes you 5 times more efficient at absorbing food.

☀️How sunlight activates your pituitary gland and drives tissue growth and repair.

☀️Why Sunlight does not cause cancer as we have been told.

Light is the most powerful force that shapes and molds our life, energy, and wellbeing.
Just like different foods that enter our mouth have different nutritional values, also, different frequencies of sunlight entering our eyes and shining on our skin have different nutritional values, healing effects, and are uniquely important to achieving optimal health.

What is Sunlight Composed Of?

Sunlight is composed of all the visible frequencies of light that we see in a rainbow from blue, green, yellow, orange, and red light as well as the invisible frequencies to our human eye like UVA, UVB, and Infrared light.

Every frequency has a wavelength and the higher the frequency is, the faster the vibration is and the closer the waves are to one another. Those wavelengths are measured in nm.

1) Visible Light

Visible light is about 43% of the sunlight spectrum, ranging from blue light with a shorter wavelength starting at 400 to red light, with a longer wavelength that extends to 750 nm.

2) UV-Light

Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, it has a shorter wavelength than visible light, and it comes in three forms: ultraviolet- A (UVA), ultraviolet – B (UVB) and ultraviolet - C (UVC) rays.

  • UVA and UVB rays have wavelengths between 280 nm and 400 nm, with UVA having a longer wavelength than UVB rays. Together, they make up around 8% of the sun’s rays.
  • UVC radiation is the most threatening. However, it doesn’t reach the earth because its short wavelengths get filtered out by the atmosphere.

3) Infrared Light

Infrared A- and B- rays have a longer wavelength, ranging between 760 and 1,000 nm (1m). IR light is invisible to the human eye and we experience it as a sensation of warmth and heat. It makes up the remaining 49% of the sunlight.

For billions of years, we have evolved under full-spectrum sunlight that is very rich in all the frequencies mentioned above, which work together as ONE to create a complete, whole, and full-spectrum light emission, that is, the source and the fuel of all life on earth.

How Sunlight Makes You 5 Times More Efficient at Absorbing Food

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, a biochemist who won the Nobel prize in 1937 discovered that many enzymes and hormones involved in metabolism and digesting food are activated by the sun’s different frequencies so much so that they become 500% more effective.

Implications of Increased Energy

Can you imagine what 500% means? 5 times more efficient at digesting?

🌞How would your life feel if you had 5 times the amount of energy that you currently have?

🌞What would you create with this energy?

🌞How faster would you move towards your goals and aspirations in life?

🌞Can you imagine having 5 times more energy every single day to create the business of your dream? 

Imagine having 5 times more energy for your body to heal and repair? Imagine that your working days end, and you still have plenty of energy to play with your kids and spend quality time with your loved one? This is not fantasy. This is real.

Learning how to harness sunlight and re-conditioning your cells to optimally absorb photons is THE MOST POWERFUL HEALTH PROTOCOL that you can ever implement.

Charging with the right frequencies of light is like buying a fast charger for your phone that does the job 5 times faster than your old charger.

Sunlight Activates Your Pituitary Gland and Drives Tissue Growth and Repair

Another German scientist called Dr. Fritz Hollwish, discovered back in the 1970s that light entering the eyes converts into an electric current. This flow of electricity turns on your pituitary gland and activates many metabolic processes resulting in better digestion, energy production, weight loss, enhancing sexual hormones, and sleep and repair at night.

Dr. Robert Becker taught us how this electric current is the key element for all regeneration and healing. It drives tissue growth and repair and enhances our sleep and recovery at night.

How would your life feel if you started sleeping 10 times better?

Imagine having the energy to digest perfectly and feel light, and energized after every meal.

How would it feel to experience an enhanced and vitalized sexual energy in your life?

Similar to how light recharges a solar panel by generating a flow of electricity, this spark of light is what fueled our evolution and has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism called bacteria over the past 1.5 billion years and stimulated the development of our nervous system and brains to become these super-powerful human beings that can perceive, think, feel, and interact with our environment.

So if you want to keep supercharging your evolution and move into higher and higher states of consciousness, into states of higher knowledge, creation, happiness, creativity, and wellbeing, light will be a fundamental fuel to empower your journey.

 But,  keep in mind...
What type of light, how much light, and when you expose yourself to light will make all the difference.

Let’s Talk About Ultraviolet Light and How to Harness Its Power

I know that you might have heard that UV is extremely harmful to you and that you need to avoid it at all costs. According to the narrative, skin cancer is almost completely blamed on sunlight exposure and UV light. Conventional dermatologists and clinicians recommend that you should be blocking 100% of the UV and most humans wear sunglasses or prescription glasses made with lenses that filter out 100% of the UV and are widely using sunscreens. There are even clinical eye drops that block out 98% of the UV.

But what are the real facts about sunlight causing cancer and, why does the term UV light cause people to immediately think of cancer, cataracts, aging, and wrinkles?

How is it possible that sunlight, the most powerful nutrient in our solar system, is dangerous?

Let’s examine some very important facts:

Skin cancer particularly Melanoma has increased more than 23 times from 1915 till 2012.

What are some other interesting facts that have happened in the past 100 years?

As humans, we shifted from spending 95% of our time outdoors under natural sunlight to 95% indoors under artificial lighting. During this time, most people have buried the sun from their lives and have turned the dark rejuvenating nights into bright evenings, working, socializing, and eating under bright artificial lights.

Interestingly, during this same period, people started wearing stronger sunscreens and sunglasses, buying into the idea that they need to protect themselves from the sun while before 1915, when people worked and lived outdoors, no sunscreen and sunglasses were used.

Even today in 2022, studies are showing that outdoor workers have a much lower incidence of skin cancer than indoor workers.

So if the sun is to blame, how come skin cancer is skyrocketing since we moved into an indoor lifestyle, living under artificial lights?

If sunscreens and sunglasses are the solution, how come skin cancer rates are going up while more and more people are burying the sun from their lives, putting on sunglasses and buying into the sunscreen solution?

It is my hope that these questions trigger new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. As human beings, we have a wonderful ability to reason and examine facts before accepting them to be true or false. Unfortunately, many today are falling into the habit of accepting information and forming beliefs and habits without examining where they come from.

But the question is: Are those behaviors, like wearing sunglasses, sunscreen, and hiding from the sun, contributing to more health, happiness, and evolution?

There are hundreds of medical studies done on the health benefits of UV light, however, the medical system today continues to maintain that UV is bad, basing its assumption on a few studies that created a lot of fear. 

Let’s Demystify Some of Those Studies That Have Created Fear from UV and Sunlight:

The first study was done on monkeys, conducted at the medical college of Virginia in 1981, concluded that UV light causes retinal damage. The results of this study are highly questionable, and they don’t pertain to reality. They tranquilize the monkeys and their eyelids were wide open with lid clamps. They shone an intense light with a very high level of UV while their pupils were fully dilated and concluded that UV light causes retinal damage.

Besides the abuse, they gave these monkeys an abnormal exposure to UV light that had never happened in real life. Also, in real life, the monkey’s eyelids and pupils will naturally adjust to the intensity of light and protect their eyes.

The same kinds of studies on laboratory animals that are highly abusive, repeatedly burning the eyes and skins of those animals with abnormal amounts of UV have been.

So how did these scientists conclude that UV light from sunlight causes cancer and eye damage?

Couldn’t be that their inhumane research and the abuse of the animals is the main cause of cancer, blindness, and death?

For millions of years, we evolved under sunlight which contains UV. Now, some biased science has determined that nature has made a mistake and that all UV light is harmful.

There is no question that abnormal large amounts of UV are harmful, however, in trace amounts, just like in natural sunlight, and when balanced by IR light which is the polar opposite of UV on the spectrum, is highly crucial to support our life and maintain a healthy immune system.

Dr. John Ott says: ''all frequencies of sunlight are extremely beneficial''.

His analogy is that giving too much oxygen at birth can blind a baby however it would be foolish to jump to the conclusion that oxygen is bad and that you should live without it. Yet this is exactly the conclusion that is drawn with UV light.

If you put your hand in a furnace, it is going to get burned but this doesn’t mean that avoid heat completely and keep your house freezing.

Light is a nutrient!! The most powerful nutrient in nature. Think of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs from food and how important they are for your optimal functioning. No one mineral is more important than the other and we need a balanced consumption of them to stay vibrant and healthy. Similarly, we need a balanced consumption of all the frequencies of light to live and vibrant and radiant life.

When trace amounts of frequencies of light like UV light are missing from your ‘’light nutrition’’, this can have a tragic effect on your health.

Also, similar to how over saturating your body with one mineral is toxic and poisonous and will cause health issues, overdosing chronically on the frequency of light like the blue light from artificial lights day and night is poisonous and will cause health issues and imbalance.

So hopefully by now, you can start appreciating light as something that is much deeper than a superficial thing that makes vision possible and as one of the most powerful nutrients in our solar system.

This is everything for Part 1...

Stay tuned for next week, when we'll share part 2 of our SUN topic, including strategies to avoid sunburn this summer and maximize your Vitamin D production.

Thank you for reading 💜🧡
With love, light, and gratitude 🫶🏽

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