"I don’t know why I waited so long! My eyes feel more rested and my sleep has definitely improved! And they look pretty great!! "

— Caleb

Dusk Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers
Dusk Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers
Dusk Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers
Dusk Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers
Dusk Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers

Product Highlightts

  • Anti-reflective & anti-fingerprints CR39 lenses
  • Titanium Ceramic nose pads
  • Science-powered and lab-tested
  • Nickel-free stainless steel frame & clip ons - No magnetic
  • 90-Day No-Risk Guarantee
  • HSA/FSA eligible

"I don’t know why I waited so long! My eyes feel more rested and my sleep has definitely improved! And they look pretty great!! "

— Caleb

Dusk Clip'N'Go 3 in 1 Blue Light Blockers

24H Unnatural Light protection
Improve your sleep quality
Alleviate headaches and eye fatigue


  • 3 different lenses in one frame (Non-Magnet)
  • Block the RIGHT amount of artificial light based on the time of the day
  • Fall asleep at night without tossing and turning
  • Work online during the day without feeling drained
  • Unwind easily in the evening

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  • Crafted from high-quality nickel-free stainless steel and designed in a classic round style, this frame is an excellent choice for those who want to make a bold statement with their eyewear 
  • The lightweight design and adjustable Titanium nose pads ensure a comfortable fit all day long 
  • Premium anti reflective and anti-fingerprint coating lenses, ensuring the clearest vision possible.
  • Comes with a luxurious FSC-certified cork hard case and a recyclable cleaning cloth. 
  • Metal Clip ons

Weight of the frame is 16.3 g

Weight of the frame with a clip on is 31 g

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We have a comprehensive warranty program that assures customer satisfaction and protects our customers' investments. 

  • Our wooden FSC-certified frames are backed by a 3-month warranty against any manufacturing defects. Additionally, we replace any glasses that arrive defective, damaged, or faulty within 10 days of receipt.
  • Our VivaRays prescription lenses come with a 6-month warranty to further enhance our customers' peace of mind. Our manufacturer warranty specifically covers coating defects, such as peeling or cracking, to ensure that our customers enjoy our products with complete assurance.

We believe that our comprehensive warranty program, combined with our dedication to providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service, distinguishes us from our peers. We stand firmly behind the quality of our products and are confident that your VivaRays purchase will exceed your expectations.

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Science-powered and lab-tested



The VivaRays CLIP'N'GO system is cost effective way to access all of these benefits - giving you protection from junk light:

Full day protection from junk light

Improve your sleep quality

Alleviate headaches and eye fatigue

Feel more focused and productive during the day

Feel less stressed and anxious at night


The sun naturally changes its position in the sky throughout the day until it descends below the horizon at the nighttime.

If you were outside during the day , your body will be exposed to different temperatures of light and different amounts of blue light depending on the time of the day, which will regulate your natural circadian rhythm and promote either wakefulness sleepiness.

Getting exposed OR even blocking blue light the same way all day is like living under a sun that emits the same light throughout the day and night.

Can you imagine how destructive it can be to your health? This is what's happening to most people living indoors and getting exposed to artificial light emitted from LED'S and digital devices.


We cooperate with a green lab in Canada where we manufacture our lenses.

Every pair we produce is tested with a spectrometer, which is a device that monitors the exact percentage of light that is transmitted and what frequency of light is being filtered.


Everything we use is recyclable, sustainably sourced and carbon neutral so you know you're using a product that cause no harm to you and to our precious environment.

When you open the box from us you will find:

  • A recycled and biodegradable cork case made from ethically sourced wood
  • FSC certified wooden frames
  • Soft lens cloth made from 100% recycled microfiber


They love it because it is developed by optics and circadian rhythm
experts to produce real results in your sleep and health!


"I noticed an instant improvement in my work and focus while working online”


"I can now go to bed much easier and wake up feeling energized naturally"


"Unlike other brands, Viva glasses are backed up with lab tests which makes all the difference"

Customer Reviews

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Siobhan D.
Fab as usual

Great support team and very clear on the actions needed. Thanks!

Anne M.
What a difference!

You realize the harm with LED lights. It soothes the brightness in coming into your eyes.


The 3 in 1 Clip N Go circadian light harmonizing glasses are the world's first set of eyewear that combines daytime, evening, and nighttime blue light-blocking lenses into one convenient frame.

 These glasses are designed to protect your eyes, sleep, and circadian rhythm from the harmful effects of blue light emitted from digital screens and artificial lighting throughout the entire day and night.

With the convenient magnetic system of the Clip N Go, you can easily switch from daytime protection to evening and nighttime in a snap, and block the right amount of artificial light throughout the whole day and night. By using these glasses, you can reduce eye strain and fatigue, increase your energy levels, and improve your focus and productivity during the day.

The Clip N Go 3 in 1 Circadian Light Harmonizing Glasses offer a range of benefits that can improve your circadian rhythm, sleep, eye health, and overall well-being throughout the day and night. 

During the day, the VivaRays Daytime Circadian Glasses will  improves eye health, reduces eye strain and headaches, and enhances focus and productivity. Wear them during the day when you are indoors and exposed to any source of unnatural light 

In the evening, and just after sunset, snap on the VivaRays Evening Circadian lenses.  

The evening lenses  help in winding down your body, protecting your melatonin levels, and filtering out the harmful frequency that has been known to lower your motivation,  cognition, and memory the next morning

By wearing our evening circadian light harmonizing glasses, you can work and socialize without the negative impact of artificial light on your health and well-being. 

At night, 1-2 hours before bed, snap on the VivaRays Nighttime Circadian lenses. They block 100% of blue and green light. These lenses help you produce good levels of melatonin and growth hormone for repair and rejuvenation at night, and lower cortisol levels at night for relaxation and restful sleep. Enjoy waking up feeling refreshed and with happy mood.

By using the Clip N Go 3 in 1 system, you can enjoy the benefits of all three lenses without carrying multiple frames around. It is a convenient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solution that provides full-day unatural light protection. 

Experience improved sleep quality, enhanced mood and energy levels, and better overall health with the ultimate circadian light harmonizing glasses.

The Vivarays 3-in-1 Clip N Go glasses are a cutting-edge innovation that effortlessly adapts to your daily routine. They help you to seamlessly transition from day to night.

The VivaRays Daytime Lenses:  During the day, the daytime lenses employ cutting-edge features that focus on balancing and harmonizing blue light at 455nm. This is because modern LED screens emit an excess of blue light at this specific frequency. This can cause significant damage to the eyes, including mitochondrial damage and increased inflammation. Our customers have reported relief from headaches and eye strain, and feeling more energized and focused at work.

Wear them during the day when indoors and exposed to any source of unnatural light from devices or LED bulbs

The VivaRays Evening Lenses As the sun sets, our evening lenses come into play. Blocking 100% of blue and green light up to 520 nm, these lenses signal your nervous system to switch into relaxation mode. The patented amber pigment technology mimics natural twilight colors, promoting better sleep and safeguarding your melatonin production for healthier, more youthful mitochondria.

Wear them after sunset

The VivaRays Nighttime Lenses provide the ultimate protection for a deep, restorative night's sleep. Blocking 100% of blue and green light up to 570 nm, and decreasing the brightness of light by 20 times  these lenses create an ideal environment for maximum melatonin and growth hormone production, ensuring optimal mitochondrial repair and rejuvenation. Wear them 1-2 hours before bed

Overall, the 3-in-1 Clip N Go is a game-changing technology that combines the best of daytime, evening, and nighttime technology into one sleek and versatile package. Whether you're in your office during the day, preparing a meal during the evening, or simply enjoying a night out on the town, our innovative technology will help you manage, regulate and take control of the light entering your eyes with ease, providing you with a seamless and adaptable experience.

Click here to check out how our lenses compare to other brands

The energy in your body is produced by your mitochondria, Your body's little powerhouses, which turn food and light into energy. To stay in tip-top shape, they need melatonin to repair and refresh themselves every night.

But here's the catch: artificial blue light is a total melatonin wrecker. The more you're exposed to it after sunset, the less melatonin you've got, and your poor mitochondria age faster and just can't keep up with repairs.

That's where VivaRays 3-in-1 Circadian Light Harmonizing Glasses come in. They're designed to balance artificial light all day long and block the right light frequencies at just the right time. And when we say "right," we mean it – they stand out from other blue-blocking glasses that randomly block light without any science behind it.

Think of your brain as an orchestra, with hormones and neurotransmitters as the instruments. Light acts as the conductor, creating harmony when it arrives at the right time. This harmony leads to a reality filled with focus, motivation, and happiness.

But when the wrong light shows up, our internal symphony goes haywire, affecting our cognition, memory, and mood. Dr. Samer Hattar published a study showing  that artificial blue and green light at night can suppress dopamine release the next morning, leaving us feeling unhappy, unmotivated, and much less productive

Daytime lenses: These lenses protect your eyes from harmful blue light peaks at 455 nm while allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light between 470 and 500 nm. By not blocking this important frequency, VivaRays Daytime glasses keep you alert, focused, and energized.

Evening and Nighttime glasses: These glasses work together to provide protection as day turns to night, filtering 100% of the harmful frequencies at night and ensuring your dopamine levels stay balanced for better focus, increased productivity, and happier life.

With VivaRays glasses, you can find your rhythm and groove your way to success, no matter the artificial light around you.

Light and darkness are the two most powerful forces that govern our sleep quality, our ability to fall and stay asleep, and how we feel when we wake up.

Imagine the human body as a majestic ship sailing through life, guided by a powerful Captain, the circadian force, a master clock within our brains. Light and darkness serve as the captain's compass, determining when we should sleep and when we should be awake.

However, in our modern world, artificial blue light disrupts this compass, confusing our body's natural sleep and wake cycle. This leads to poor sleep and feeling groggy and unrested the next day.

VivaRays Circadian Light Harmonizing Glasses intelligently manage our exposure to light throughout the day and night:

Daytime Glasses: Allow absorption of beneficial blue-turquoise light (470-500 nm) while harmonizing the harmful junk light at 455 nm, which often causes headaches and eyestrain. This helps reset your circadian clock and stimulates serotonin and melatonin production for better overall well-being.

Evening Glasses: Block 100% of blue and green light up to 520 nm, helping you wind down and relax without disrupting melatonin production.

Nighttime Glasses: Block 100% of blue and green light up to 570 nm and decrease brightness by 20 times, promoting maximum melatonin production, deeper sleep, and a rejuvenated feeling upon waking.

By using VivaRays glasses, you can enjoy better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Healthy light and darkness cycles are the overlooked solution for chronic fatigue and burnout, low libido, and fertility problems. Your light environment greatly influences your fertility, steroid, and sex hormones.

Morning sunlight stimulates pregnenolone production in the mitochondria. Pregnenolone converts to cortisol, waking you up, and to sex hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, which maintain energy levels, skin, and hair health. However, exposure to artificial blue light can cause stress hormones like cortisol and ACTH to increase abnormally, leading to pregnenolone being diverted from sex hormone pathways. This taxes your sexual glands, causing brain fog and sluggishness.

Morning sunlight healthily increases cortisol and adrenaline, enhancing alertness, focus, and energy without needing stimulants. However, nighttime exposure to artificial light raises cortisol levels, disrupting sleep and causing morning grogginess.

VivaRays Circadian Light Harmonizing Glasses address these issues:

  1. Daytime glasses filter out the unbalanced 455 nm blue light frequency, creating a balanced light environment. This prevents pregnenolone from being diverted to cortisol production, maintaining a healthy balance between stress and sex hormones.
  2. Evening and Nighttime glasses create an ideal light environment for relaxation and sleep. Evening glasses block 100% of blue and green light up to 520 nm, while Nighttime glasses block 100% of blue and green light up to 570 nm. This ensures your body doesn't produce stress hormones at night when you should be resting, allowing for a rejuvenating sleep and optimal hormonal balance, ultimately improving your overall health and well-being.

VivaRays glasses help with menopause symptoms by promoting a healthy light environment that supports optimal hormonal balance. During menopause, women's ovaries slow down the production of sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Adrenal glands are supposed to compensate by producing small amounts of these hormones, facilitating a smoother transition.

However, exposure to artificial blue light can disrupt this process by forcing the conversion of pregnenolone to cortisol, leading to a lack of estrogen or progesterone. This can result in common menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and sleep disturbances.

By using VivaRays glasses, women can regulate their light exposure and create a healthier light environment. 

The Daytime glasses filter out unbalanced blue light frequencies that forces pregnenolone from being diverted to cortisol, ensuring that the adrenal gland can produce sex hormones and ease the transition through menopause.

The Evening and Nighttime glasses block blue and green light that can disrupt sleep and increase cortisol ar night.. This helps maintain a proper balance of stress and sex hormones, supporting the adrenal glands in producing the hormones needed for a more comfortable menopause experience.

VivaRays Circadian Light Harmonizing Glasses help with weight gain and food cravings by promoting healthy light and darkness cycles. Artificial light at night increases cortisol, leading to cravings for carbohydrates and sugar before bed. It also disrupts the balance between ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and leptin, the satiety hormone, which can cause weight gain.

Artificial blue light at night suppresses melatonin production and delays leptin's journey to the brain, resulting in increased hunger and reduced fat-burning ability. This makes it harder to maintain healthy body weight and can disrupt sleep, leaving you feeling less rested and energized.

VivaRays Evening and Nighttime glasses create an optimal light environment for relaxation and sleep by blocking harmful blue and green light frequencies. This allows your body to produce melatonin naturally, helping leptin levels function normally and reducing the likelihood of overeating. The glasses also help reduce ghrelin levels, resulting in fewer cravings for unhealthy snacks.

By promoting healthy light and darkness cycles, VivaRays Evening and Nighttime glasses support a healthy weight and overall well-being, while ensuring a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.


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