Umy Daygo'Z Daytime Lenses

Umy Daygo'Z Daytime Lenses

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How do Umy Daygo'Z Daytime Blue Light blocking Glasses work?

VivaRays Kids Computer Glasses are scientifically designed to be used during the day when kids are playing on iPads, and digital devices and under artificial light. 

These blue light glasses are designed to balance out the distorted blue light without blocking it completely, which allows kids to receive the beneficial wavelengths of blue light responsible for high brain activity, focus, and good mood.

What are the benefits?

  • More focus during the day

  • Boost kid's creativity and imagination

  • Improve learning ability 

  • Protect kid's young eyes from harmful artificial light 

What is the material of the frame? Is it suitable for kids?

The frame is made of high-quality Mazzucchelli Bio- acetate that is biodegradable and free of chemicals that irritate the skin.

The frame size is suitable for kids between 5 and 12 years old. If you have kids under 5 years old, then you can ask any local optometrist to adjust the size to fit their face.


90-day money-back guarantee on No prescription lenses. 

One-year warranty on prescription lenses.