How EMFs affect our health and our biology, part II

How  EMFs affect our health and our biology, part II

Welcome to the 2nd part of the EMFs topic adventure. How did it land on you when you find out that there is a hidden network in your environment? 👀 Share on Instagram, we'd love to know what was new to you and also ask any questions that you have about it. In case you've missed that post, read here: non-native EMFs

Today we’re continuing the journey into this fascinating topic of unvivid frequencies around us.💫
So, in this week’s LightEdu you'll find out how non-native EMF

  • Affects your health
  • Its profound impact on your biology
  • Where are EMFs coming from
  • How to protect yourself
Let's start by addressing to what extent non-native EMFs are safe and what's the general public narrative.

The fallacy of safety

EMFs are invisible, inaudible and odorless. This makes them hard to grasp for most people and is one of the reasons why there is a majority of skeptics on this subject right now. 
The main argument presented by telecommunication companies, and supported by the scientists they fund, is that EMFs aren't harmful to humans because they are not strong enough to heat tissues, nor do they produce ionizing radiation that could mutate our DNA
Hmm 🧐

Ionizing radiation is what X-rays machines or nuclear plants produce. This type of radiation changes the conformation of molecules by knocking electrons out of atoms and causing mutation in our DNA. 

But non-ionizing radiation like EMFs are harmful in other ways!

EMFs safety guidelines are based on thermal effects. The industry says that you can’t heat water significantly with one phone call from a cell phone, so there’s no real danger and it’s safe to use. 🤯

⚠️But your exposure isn’t limited to one phone call per day. You are surrounded by multiple signals from multiple devices ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. 

Hundreds of studies have proven that non-ionizing radiation like those emitted by smartphones & Wi-Fi are detrimental to our health at a cellular level
Yes, that's the fact we should all accept at this point in human history.

"EMFs are classified as a class 2B possible human carcinogen by the world health organization."

Let's go further into how non-native EMFs affect human health and biology.

EMFs effects on your health

Here is a short list of side effects proven in peer-reviewed research from exposure to levels of EMFs considered ‘’safe’’ by the industry:

Fertility issues
Sexual dysfunction

Neurological/psychiatric disorders
DNA damage (cancer)
Compromised apoptosis (cancer)
Oxidative stress
Hormonal imbalances
Ringing in the ear (tinnitus)
Brain fog
General fatigue
Leaky gut 

    We are all electro-sensitive to some degree. The most sensitive among us will have severe symptoms when they are exposed to EMFs. 

    Dr Rubik, a researcher on EMFs, recently did a study measuring the impact of EMFs on human’s biofield. She used a GDV camera to measure the biophotons emission from the participants before and after a 30 minutes cell phone exposure. 
    The results show that even in people who do not experience symptoms from EMF radiation and didn’t find the 30 minutes cell phone exposure to be particularly bothersome, their biofield demonstrated clear signs of stress. 

    The images below show a clean and healthy biofield on the left and a stressed and unbalanced biofield on the right (after the 30 minutes exposure). 👇🏻

    non-native EMF biofield

    The biofield on the right is associated with lowered immunity, lowered energy levels, hormonal imbalances, etc. It took a couple of hours for their biofield to come back to normal.

    So even if you do not feel any symptoms from EMFs exposure, they are still negatively impacting your health. Your cells are more sensitive than your five senses and they pick up these signals which in turn cause them to become dysfunctional.

    More from of science facts below:

    What’s the difference between our man-made EMFs and Nature?

    Nature uses direct current (DC) which operates on a continuous flow of electrons while your power grid uses pulsing or alternating current (AC) that oscillates back and forth in opposite directions. AC isn’t found in Nature and your body is simply just not used to it.

    "Pulsing EMFs causes our cells to jostle in multiple directions which affects our mitochondria and reduces our ability to produce energy." 

    Your cells are used to frequencies of 1 to 100 Hz, that is tens of cycles per second. While man-made devices use millions (megahertz, MHz) or billions (gigahertz, GHz) of cycles per second. These are way more powerful than those your brain and body are used to receiving and producing.

    EMFs affect everything that is conducting like your body, the minerals found in every single one of your cells or the heavy metals found in dental amalgam, prosthetic devices, etc.
    Electricity will always travel through the path of least resistance. Since your body is electroconductive, it acts as an antenna for EMFs in our environment.

    How does EMFs affect us?

    EMFs, and particularly microwave frequencies, activate voltage-gated calcium channels in your body resulting in higher amounts of calcium inside our cells. This creates oxidative stress and leads to higher reactive oxygen species, a group of highly reactive and inflammatory molecules.

    The downstream reaction is the activation of the cell danger response where your cells enter a survival mode and favor the glycolytic pathway instead of normal cellular respiration. 
    The glycolytic pathway is the process where cells use only glucose (sugar) to create energy. It produces a quick burst of energy but creates a lot of harmful metabolic byproducts like lactate

    It’s like trying to start a fire with only paper. You’ll get a quick flame but lots of smoke as well and it won’t last long. Overtime, the tissue becomes hypoxic (it lacks oxygen) and highly acidic which are perfect conditions for cancer to develop.

    "EMFs, and particularly microwave frequencies, activate voltage-gated calcium channels in your body resulting in higher amounts of calcium inside our cells. "

    EMFs are also dehydrating you. Have you ever cooked a steak in a microwave oven? It’s not as tender as on a barbecue right? 
    Why is that?
    Because the microwave oven has dehydrated your steak. Most communication devices we use today do the exact same thing with our tissues. 

    💧The water inside your cells is in a special form called exclusion zone (EZ) water. It’s not H2O but rather H3O2 and is more like a gel. It holds a negative charge and acts essentially as a battery.

    🔋EMFs lower the amount of EZ water your cells are able to produce and hold thus lowering your battery size and efficiency. A lot of cellular processes require EZ water to be present inside yourself. When you are low on EZ water, your cells shut down certain functions and you lose the ability to heal or create new cells. 

    ☀️Your own production of vitamin D from the sun requires adequate intracellular hydration (EZ water). So EMFs in your environment can impede your ability to produce vitamin D and therefore alter your ability to regulate your immune system properly.
    Vitamin D is also responsible for regulating more than 2000 genes so even if EMFs from our everyday technology isn’t strong enough to produce ionizing radiation and impact your DNA, it still impacts it indirectly through other mechanisms. 

    These are only a few of the mechanisms that we have discovered of how EMFs impact us. Researchers keep finding new ways that our cells react to man-made frequencies.

    🔎And now you'll finally find out 

    Where are EMFs coming from?

    There are multiple types of EMFs. Here are short descriptions of each type:

    Electric fields
    Electric fields are present where an electric current is circulating. That means that even if the appliances in your home are turned off, the electrical grid in your home is still active and emits an electric field. 

    Magnetic fields
    Magnetic fields coming from electronic devices are only present when the device is powered on. Contrary to electric fields, they aren’t present when the device is off.

    They are found in most homes or buildings in different amounts and can be caused by common wiring errors in the house, unshielded power cords or wires or by power lines. Everything with a motor running (refrigerators, cars, kitchen appliances, etc.) will also create a strong magnetic field when it’s ON

    Radio frequency
    Radiofrequencies are used to emit a signal and communicate. So anything that can transmit a signal will emit radiofrequencies to some degree. This includes Wi-Fi signal, radio AM/FM, blue-tooth devices, cell antennas, radars, telecommunication towers, satellites, etc. 

    Dirty electricity
    The power grid uses 60 Hz electricity in North America and 50 Hz in Europe. But numerous factors can cause extra and unintended frequency oscillations to ‘’ride’’ these principal frequencies and cause even more harm.

    This is called dirty electricity. You know the noise pollution you get when you aren’t precisely on the right FM radio frequency? That’s the equivalent of dirty electricity.

    It can be caused by irregularities in electricity generation at the power plant or hydroelectric plant or by having a lot of appliances plugged in your house. Artificial light, particularly LEDs and fluorescents and dimmer switches are a common source of dirty electricity. Other sources include smart meters, wiring errors, solar panels and charger for electric cars. 

    dirty vs clean electricity

    It causes your electric bills to rise, your appliances to wear out quicker and your cells and mitochondria to age faster.

    Artificial light
    Why is artificial light in a blog post about electromagnetic fields? Because light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

     electromagnetic spectrum


    Like natural frequencies from the Earth, natural full spectrum sunlight has been part of our lives for millions of years. That’s what we are used to and that’s what we need.

    "The further away we are from a balanced and full spectrum source of light, the worse the outcome will be for our health."


    When you dive into EMFs, it can be quite alarming and create anxiety. This is not the goal. With every bit of information you learn, the objective is to find a way to apply it to your life so that the end result is positive. 

    The most important thing when it comes to EMFs is to have a period of the day where you are not exposed to it or at least in very limited amounts. This way, your body can heal and rejuvenate and this increases your resilience. The best place for that is your bedroom where you are already spending time to rest during the night. 

    Here are a few simple solutions that you can implement now to reduce the negative impacts of EMFs in your life:

    Use the inverse square law
    The intensity of EMFs decreases relatively quickly with distance. The intensity of radiation is equal to the inverse of the square of the distance from the source. So if you are twice as far you get ¼ of the exposure. If you are 10x farther away, you get 100x less radiation. 

    In layman terms, the further you are from EMFs, the better. In the bedroom, never keep objects who emit EMFs (cell phones, smart watches, blue-tooth alarm, etc.) near the bed. Ideally, keep them out of the bedroom entirely

    Decrease the duration of your exposition
    If you have to be in a location where EMFs are high, stay only the bare minimum of time required. 

    Wired internet
    Use wired internet in your house. If you don’t have an ethernet port available (which is the case in most new homes), you can buy an ethernet adapter for either your coax cable port or power outlets. 

    Turn off the Wi-Fi at night
    If you absolutely need Wi-Fi during the day, at least turn it down during the night. Having an 8 hour window without radiofrequency present is a must if you want to have deep and restful sleep and optimize your health. Some Wi-Fi routers have a built in function to do so, otherwise you can buy an outlet timer to automate this trick. 

    Cell Phone in airplane mode or on speaker phone
    Cell phones are one of the worst sources of EMFs since they are almost always close to your body whether in your pocket or against your head during a call. They are known to cause sleep and concentration problems, headaches, fatigue, hormonal disturbances, fertility issues and they have been linked to brain cancer.

    Replace your smart meter
    If you have a smart meter in your home, contact your power company and ask them to replace it with an older, non communicating model. They usually charge a fee for this service but it's worth it to lower your EMF exposure. They are often on the other side of a bedroom wall and can create important EMFs and impair the sleep quality of the occupant. 

    EMF shielding clothing
    This solution is a double edged sword. If you live in an area where EMFs are very high, the shielding fabric can act as an antenna since most of them have metal embedded in the mesh and metal is electroconductive. So wearing EMF shielding underwear in downtown New York city where the EMFs are sky high might make the situation worse for your gonads.

    EMF shielding clothing is still in its infancy and there is a lot of testing required before we know exactly when and how it can be effective. Lowering your exposition is a much better idea than trying to shield yourself with this kind of material.

    "Having an 8 hour window without radiofrequency present is a must if you want to have deep and restful sleep and optimize your health."

    Use shielded and grounded power cord
    The third prong on the end of a power cord is the ground. Its purpose is to redirect excess current into the ground. When the third prong isn’t present, the excess current creates an electric field around the wires. Make sure that every device you have uses a grounded power cord (with the third prong).

    Use EMFs Free headphones 
    Wireless headphones are convenient but produce very high levels of EMFs. Your brain is particularly sensitive to EMFs and headphones are right against your head so the impact they have is not negligible. 

    Instead, use wired headphones that are made specifically to lower the amount of EMFs that reach your brain. Check out our new EMFs Free Headphones page for more information. 

    Take a high quality magnesium supplement
    Magnesium is a very important mineral for your body and is implicated in more than 800 enzymatic reactions. It is a very calming mineral and helps to counteract the oxidative stress from the excessive calcium influx created by EMFs in your environment. 

    Hire an EMFs specialist to evaluate your home 
    Start by applying the solutions above. In many cases, they can make a huge difference. If you keep suffering from symptoms with no clear causes, it might be a good idea to hire an expert to evaluate EMFs in your home. 

    If you live in a densely populated area, the amount of EMFs coming from the building and towers around you is probably significantly elevated. This might require special shielding. 
    Properly shielding your home against EMFs requires deep knowledge of the field. Don’t try to do this yourself as you can increase your exposure accidentally. In this case, EMFs experts are the way to go. You might find it expensive to hire one, but it’s a one time deal. Once the evaluation and shielding is done, you can forget about it and enjoy the health benefits for life!


    And there you have it, VivaRays friends, health seekers, and biohacking enthusiasts. If you had symptoms from a list shared in this blog, and you've tested all the solutions but didn't find one... You may want to look into non-native EMFs. And even if you haven't had any symptoms at all... you want to be well-informed so share this blog with your family and friends. Let's make Science affordable to everyone!

    See you next time.

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