How to Walk in the Footsteps of the Masters and Apply the Effortless Way to Enhance Productivity and Creativity

How to Walk in the Footsteps of the Masters and Apply the Effortless Way to Enhance Productivity and Creativity

Did you know that SLEEP creates the mental conditions that makes achieving your goals inevitable?

Sleep is this mysterious period that occupies ⅓ of your life.

It is a tremendously important period of your day because it is the natural door into your subconscious mind. 

Now, why is that VERY important?

The subconscious mind is an automatic mechanism that can work for you when it is fed with success data.  Your subconscious mind will absolutely work against anything you want to achieve when it is unconsciously fed with a failure consciousness or negative data.

Your subconscious intelligence is completely deductive and impersonal. It is a fertile garden like the earth. It will grow anything you plant in it. Beautiful flowers or weeds.

What do you choose?

While all of you will say beautiful flowers, most are completely unaware of how and when to effectively plant your desired goals in the fertile soil of your mind.

"The subconscious mind will translate into its physical equivalent, by the most direct and practical method available." --Napoleon Hill

When is the most effective time to plant your desired goals in your mind?

time to set your goals


During sleep, our conscious waking mind turns from being occupied by the outside through your 5 senses to joining the subconscious mind. 

In this powerful union, your conscious mind impresses the subconscious mind with the new things that you have learned, the dominating feelings of your day as well as the major concepts that you hold in yourself before entering to sleep.

Now, why do you really need to master your state during this very important period? Because your subconscious mind will faithfully turn over whatever state you impress upon it into physical things in your life.

Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, and Albert Einstein — three of the top achievers — all had one thing in common: they recognized and utilized the power of their subconscious.

Thomas Edison once said: Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” 

Top athletes have risen to the top of their game using their subconscious minds to visualize their desired outcome.

So, if you want success in your life, you need to fall asleep feeling successful. If you want a solution to a problem, you need to fall asleep with the consciousness thought or feeling of already having the solution.

If you want an inspiration to innovate, you need to fall asleep with your desire wordlessly written in your heart. If you want health, fall asleep feeling yourself to be in perfect health.

Those feelings and concepts that you have in consciousness before you sleep become part of you the following morning. They become the concept that you hold of yourself. 

This concept will determine what you get and achieve in life. 

You never get what you want in life, you get what you are, and you are what you conceive yourself to be. The images and the feelings that you have about yourself determines your actions.

What you send out through your actions, will determine what comes in through your results.

In short, the actions of the following day, the way you feel, move and act is predetermined by those impressions that happen during sleep. Your productivity, success and achievements during the conscious ⅔ of your life are tremendously influenced by the degree of attention you give to sleep and the state in which you enter sleep.

How to master your mental state as you enter sleep and successfully plant your desired goal in your mind.

mental state in goals in your mind

Your ability to grow success, health and abundance in the fertile ground of your mind is in direct proportion to the state in which you enter sleep.

But the question is, how can you master this state?

I am going to share with you 3 SECRETS in order to master the art of impressing your subconscious mind with your desired goals as you enter sleep.

The word 'effortlessly' is key. Why?

Because force negates. You can’t force yourself into those states using willpower alone. 

If you don’t learn how to masterfully harness and cultivate these states, chances are, your imagination will not collaborate with you in a positive way. You will end up feeling more upset and frustrated.

1. Morning Sunlight

woman enjoying morning sunlight

You might be thinking now: How is morning sunlight related to mastering my state as I enter sleep??

What you do during your waking hours will determine to a big extent, how you feel when you go to sleep.

Viewing sunlight first thing in the morning increases your serotonin levels. This magical hormone optimizes your mood and enhances your intuition.

You then feel still, calm and content. This stillness is described as a sense of inner connection with the infinite power within you.

As you become one with this power, all things are possible to you.

This serotonin converts into a very important sleep hormone called melatonin that gets released after the sunset. We will talk more about the importance of this in Secret # 2


2. Block all artificial lights at night and sleep in darkness.

Serotonin will enhance our feelings of well-being and calmness throughout the whole day, which will no doubt affect the state in which we enter sleep, and serotonin also converts into a very important hormone called melatonin.

Melatonin is the hormone of darkness. This hormone is the highest antioxidant in nature. It has anti-ageing properties and enables us to rejuvenate and repair our bodies at night while sleeping.

When melatonin starts slowly rising after the sunset, we start winding down. We go into deeper and deeper states of relaxation. As melatonin keeps rising, we start feeling drowsy.

This state of drowsiness is KEY in effectively entering and impressing the subconscious mind. 

It is associated with a drop in our brain waves frequency from beta waves, which are the most common waking brain waves, to alpha and theta waves.

Alpha waves are associated with a relaxed yet still wakeful state.

Theta waves are accessed in very deep relaxation, a state in which your body is asleep and has no desire to move. However your mind is awake, floating, imagining and creating.

It is during this stage that you can most access your subconscious mind. This is when the true magic happens. During this stage is when you have the ability to direct this power towards your goals.

At this stage, the prefrontal cortex is shut down and the subconscious mind is dominating.

During sleep, assuming that you’re sleeping profoundly and deeply, your brain will be making all the connections and strengthening the synapses that will be available to your conscious mind when you wake up. 

This is the secret to waking up early in the morning with a download of feelings and inspirations that guide you on your path to success.

Now here is the major problem.

95% of the population in our society is unconsciously sabotaging this stage.

men sabotaging and feeling depressed

How? By exposing ourselves to artificial indoor lighting, being on social media for endless hours or watching Netflix on the laptop in bed.

Not only your subconscious mind is wide open to all the negative garbage from social media and news but you’re also destroying the hormone melatonin in your body because of the artificial blue and green light going into your eyes.

This artificial light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime and destroys melatonin while increasing your stress hormone cortisol. It then keeps your pre-frontal cortex wired and stimulated and you start feeling anxious.

This makes it impossible to enter the theta wave stage and experience the frequencies from the feeling of our wish being fulfilled and therefore impressing your subconscious mind with powerful images and suggestions that will lead to achieving your goals and dreams.

At this point, some of you stay wide awake in bed tossing and turning with a feeling of overwhelm and annoyance. When you finally doze off, you sleep with the dominating feeling of anxiety, being overwhelmed and frustrated.

Those feelings penetrate deeply into your subconscious mind and create the drama of your day the following morning.

3. Meditate and make a request to your subconscious mind.

woman meditating

So now assuming that you went outside first thing in the morning and exposed your eyes to morning sunlight. You feel calm, relaxed and confident.

At night time, you blocked all artificial lighting using high-quality circadian lighting technology glasses like the VivaRays technology. You started to feel drowsy, cozy and ready for bed.

Now what?

It’s time to meditate and impress your subconscious mind with the images and feelings you wish to experience.

Lay down on your back flat, close your eyes and start to breath slowly in and out.

Descend into the stillness of the meditative mood.

The goal is to relax as much as possible. It is very easy to tell yourself to relax, however, many muscles might still be tensing. Start by slowly scanning your body from bottom to top, moving your awareness from one muscle to another and consciously breathing out any tension that is held in your muscles.

Start by saying to yourself wordlessly ‘’ I want to be alone with the universal mind of all knowing’’

The reason you are making a request to your subconscious mind is that you have a desire you want fulfilled. A problem to solve, an inspiration for an invention, a conception for a work of art… no matter what it is that you need, whether knowledge, power, or inspiration, desire it in your heart wordlessly

Ask yourself wordlessly: ‘’ How would I feel if my desire is now fulfilled’’?

Fall asleep with the feeling of the wish fulfilled. See and feel yourself to already be and have what you want to be and have.

While asleep, your brain will make the connections that will be available to your conscious mind when you wake up.

Those new connections will give you answers, boost your creativity and elevate your productivity.

When you wake up the following morning, and while your brain is still in the receptive theta waves, be receptive to the ideas and images that come to your mind. Sometimes the ideas and images will come right away and other time they will come once you start writing.

Write before you do anything else, as thoughts produced during theta brain wave stages are vulnerable to quickly being lost.

Remember, you might not see results right away. This will take some practice.

Stay persistent and curious!


Serotonin and melatonin are some of the tools that nature has given us in order to live a creative and harmonious life.

Remember, the Universe will for with you and not for you. The universe will give you all the tools and gifts so that you can achieve what you want but you must use them.

Wishful thinking alone without working with the universe and using the tools that are given to you is the mirage and fallacy of humankind.

Learning how to harness those tools and using the meditative states to request from your subconscious mind is an incredibly simple, yet profoundly powerful practice to include in your daily life.

You have the power to be, have and do all that you wish to be, have and do.

But remember, the universe will work WITH you and not FOR you!


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