Why We Suffer With The Winter Time Blues & What We Can Do About It

Why We Suffer With The Winter Time Blues & What We Can Do About It

In this blog, we will talk about  5 reasons why the wintertime has become a time of depression, sadness and fatigue and how to turn the wintertime into a period of healing, rejuvenation, and emotional reset!

1.   Artificial Light Exposure

Excessive Us of Indoor LED Lighting Emitting Harmful Blue Light

For most of you today, your day is not getting shorter when you approach winter and is not getting longer when you approach summer. This is because you’re no longer living in harmony with the cycle of the sun and you’re spending most of your time under artificial lights. 

The length of the day in nature is continuously changing from one season to the next and is governed by the movement of the earth around the sun. In contrast, the length of the day in your indoor environment is often the same, governed by your habits and awareness of when you turn on and off the lights around you.

Now, believe it or not, your awareness and habits of when you turn on and off the lights around you will determine the quality of your health and wellbeing during the winter.

Let me explain.

We have a master gland in the brain called the pineal gland. Most of you know it as the third eye. This powerful gland is a light meter that controls your sleep, mood and many internal functions in the body.

It receives light-activated information from the eye-brain connection and measures the length of the day.

As a result, it informs our body about the time of the season. This enables your body to make the necessary alterations in your sleep, mood, metabolism and physiology. This enables you to adapt to the different seasons of the year.

A wolf in nature will not wait until the first snowfall to be reminded of thickening its coat. Its pineal gland measures the light in the environment and transmits messages to the body to anticipate the winter and make the necessary adaptations.

Just like a wolf,  when the day gets shorter, and the pineal registers winter, it transmits messages to your body to prepare you for the shorter and colder days.

You naturally start to sleep longer.

The pineal gland’s cycle of melatonin production becomes longer. This enables your body and cells to undergo deeper healing and cleaning.

You will naturally clean all inflammation and detox your system on an emotional and physical level.

Your serotonin production is altered and you’re now more resilient and adaptable to the gloomy days.

Now the problem is that most of you are artificially manipulating the pineal gland by being exposed to the wrong frequencies of light at the wrong time of the day.

This artificial light is causing the pineal gland to send the wrong information thus your bodies are being tricked to think it is summer time all year long.

This lack of harmony with nature’s light destroys your ability to heal and rejuvenate during the winter. It turns the winter time into a time of sadness and depression.

Now, what can you do about this?

Make sure you turn off all lights after sunset. If this is something that is not practical to you in our modern world, wear a lens technology system like the VivaRays glasses that are designed to filter out the wrong frequencies of light.

This will enable your pineal gland to accurately measure the length of the day and keep you in harmony with the winter season.

Also, make sure that you spend time outdoors in natural lighting to boost your serotonin levels.

2.   Disconnection From the Earth

Bare feet grounded on a patch of moss surrounded by snow.

For most of you today, you are completely disconnected from the earth’s magnetic fieldThis magnetic field transmits important messages to our pineal gland about the time of the season.

We are designed to walk bear-foot on the ground and this enables us to stay connected to Schumann’s resonance. This frequency changes from day to night and from season to season. Our pineal gland measures this change and sends important messages to the rest of our body so that we can make the necessary adaptation to the different times of the day and seasons.

Now, what can you do about this?

Make sure you step outside in bare feet whenever you can to keep yourself attuned to the frequency of the earth. Stepping outside barefooted, first thing in the morning, is a great way to start your day.

3.   Eating Tropical Fruits in the Winter

Tropical fruits

If you’re eating bananas and tropical fruit during the winter, you’re actually confusing your body about the time of the season.

Food is an electromagnetic barcode of sunlight. It stores light information and when we eat food, it gets broken down into light subatomic particles that our mitochondria use to produce energy and water.

When the light that enters your eyes and the food that enters your mouth is in harmony with the light and the food in your environment,  your body will receive the right information and you will be able to make the necessary adaptation for the winter. 

Naturally, when your body is in the winter mode, You will start fasting for longer hours without feeling an urge to eat every 2 hours.  You will stop craving carbs and sugar which only grow during the summer season and aren’t naturally available to you during the winter.

Your body will switch from carb and sugar metabolism to fat metabolism and you will naturally include more animal fats in your diet.

Naturally, you will start losing fat because you are designed to lose fat during the darker and colder times of the year just like a bear loses all the fat during the hibernation season.

Now, what can you do about this?

This winter, try to eat as seasonally and locally as possible.

Time your food intake with the sun, eating the biggest meal when the sun is highest in the sky. Eat your last meal around sunset and fast during the evening and night.

4.   Disconnection From Natural Temperature

Your daily circadian rhythm as well as your seasonal rhythm is highly connected to temperature.

Throughout a 24 hour period, the temperature in your environment is naturally warmer during the day and colder at night. This works in complete conformity and harmony with your internal body temperature which starts rising shortly before you wake up and drops down before you go to bed. The quality of your sleep and wakefulness is tremendously impacted by this natural daily fluctuation in temperature between day and night.

Lightly dressed outside in the winter demonstrating cold thermogenesis

Similarly, our bodies are meant to experience the natural fluctuations in temperature from season to season which act as very important information and enable us to make the necessary adjustments.

During the wintertime, light is less available and our body switches to temperature signaling. Cold becomes as important as morning sunlight in regulating our circadian rhythm and sleep and wakefulness cycles.

When sunlight is not present, you can use cold to make you feel good. You see, cold thermogenesis can make you feel great in the same way that sunlight can. Cold increases the dopamine levels in your brain

Next, cold thermogenesis increases a process called "autophagy" which means cellular cleaning and replacement. It is the most important process that the body performs, enabling you to heal and rejuvenate.

Cold thermogenesis stimulates that autophagy process, reversing ageing and promoting longevity. This is why the winter has been known to be a time for going in, healing and rejuvenating. 

When you live in 25 C under artificial blue lights, you confuse your body into thinking it’s 12-noon summertime all year long and that it is supposed to be doing one thing rather than the multitude of self-healing functions that nature has equipped us with.

Now, what can you do about this?

1.   When you wake up in the morning and sunlight is not available, start your day with a cold shower. This will increase your body temperature and trigger optimal wakefulness.
2.   Throughout the day, when sunlight is less available, go outside and expose yourself to the cold outside without putting on so many layers. This will optimize your energy throughout the whole day.

3.   Sleep in a cold and darkroom. Sleeping in Heated rooms disturbs your circadian rhythm and confuses your body about the time of the season. You are meant to sleep in a dark and colder environment in the winter and this maximizes your autophagy. In other words, you will rejuvenate much deeper and live a longer and more vibrant life

5.   Disregarding Nature’s Master Plan for Us

Plants and animals awaken in the spring of the year, they develop and mature in the summer, slow down in the fall, and rest in the winter.

This technology is 4.7 billion years old.

Insisting on living all your life in the summer phase, continuously thriving and not taking the time to slow down is extremely destructive to your mental health and wellbeing.

This winter, take the time to go within and give yourself permission to slow down and be less active and KNOW that this is nature’s master plan for you to be less active during the winter and more active during the summer.


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