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Meet our powerful Clip’N’Go. A world's first 3 in 1 artificial light protection. Reclaiming nature's dark/light cycles in 1 pair of glasses.
Science POweredEco Friendly

Discover better sleep

Health experts swear by our lens technology

They love it because it is developed by optics and circadian rhythm experts to produce real results in your sleep and health!

Dr. Robert Rakowski⁠
"I noticed an instant improvement in my work and focus while working online”

David Avocado Wolfe
"I can now go to bed much easier and wake up feeling energized naturally"

Dr. Jay Khorsandi
"Unlike other brands, Viva glasses are backed up with lab tests which makes all the difference"

Our full day protection collection

For Living in alignment with nature's light and dark cycles. Sleep quicker, deeper and wake up refreshed.


  • Increase your energy
  • Reduce eye strain and headaches
  • Improve concentration
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For daytime indoors when working on screens and in articicially lit envronments
Transforms 100%
of harmful LED light to healthy


  • Reduce your cortisol
  • Decrease your stress and anxiety
  • Wind down
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Mimics sunset and fire light. You can work, socialize and stay protected
Blocks 100%
of blue light


  • Boost your melatonin
  • Sleep quicker & deeper
  • Wake up refreshed
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Mimics the end of the fire (or dark skies). Wear 1-2 hours before bed.
Blocks 100%
of blue and green light

Why Junk Light Is Making you Sick!

In today's modern world, we are chronically exposed to artificial light day and night. This disrupts the body's wake/sleep cycle and confuses the brain about the time of the day. Night Time exposure to artificial light destroys melatonin production, the sleep hormone, and over stimulates cortisol, the stress hormone. This inhibits deep repair and rejuvenation at night. Learn more.

Results: sleep problems, weight gain, quicker aging, chronic fatigue, mood swings.


"As an entrepreneur I needed a solution to JET LAG! I bought the Evening and nighttime glasses. They are just AMAZING! I was able to sleep earlier, recover from my jet lag quicker and my headaches were gone!'

Kholoud Al Badin, Canada

"As a health coach and nutritionist, I have tried many blue light blockers from several companies. VivaRays Lenses are like no other lenses. My sleep has never been better. My health has never been better."

Mark Casamento, Australia

"The Daytime glasses allow my eyes to relax from the grocery store to all screen time ~ Thank you for making these with natural materials!"

Mira Marrow, Canada

"As a sleep and health coach, I am always looking for ways to optimize my health as well as my client's. In the past week I've used VivaRays glasses and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my sleep latency, quality of sleep & recovery, and the amount of “spring out of bed-ness” I have in the morning."

Omar Nassri, United States

"VivaRays glasses have helped me get better sleep and wake up energized and motivated to start the day. The technology is awesome and results are met only after a couple of days"

Roland Sassine, France

"As a graphic designer, I used to suffer from chronic EYE STRAIN. VivaRays DayGo'z have completely alleviated this symptom for me and made working so much easier."

Rose Petro, Canada

"I used to suffer from severe Insomnia. I felt tired and low on energy all the time. I came across Vivarays and bought the evening and nighttime glasses. Within 3 days, I came back to sleeping 8 hours every night. Thank you VivaRays for helping me transform my life"

Ghada Nassif, Lebanon

"As an entrepreneur, I used to feel wired in the afternoon and wake up feeling tired in the morning. I bought the 3 VivaRays lenses. I am much more alert and functional while working indoors and in the evening, I can do my work without being wired. I switch to my Sleeperz 2 hours before bedtime and sleep MUCH deeper."

Mayte Morelos, Canada

"These glasses have literally helped me solve years of problems with sleeping in a matter of almost a week! I use all three lens technologies from VivaRays and my circadian rhythm has never been more aligned."

Mounzer Mayaleh, Canada

Why choose VivaRays?

We are dedicated to providing holistic and eco-friendly solutions to help you sleep and function better.

Advanced Technology

Designed based on the newest scientific research on light and sleep using advanced measuring equipment.

Eco-Friendly Choices

Sustainably harvested wooden frames and packaging.
Carbon neutral lens production.
Solar and geothermal energy.

Renowned Lab Expertise

Premium lenses.
Advanced coating.
Quality control in every pair.

Guaranteed Results

We are so confident in our products that we offer a 90 day return policy.