Meet Lisa: Align your body, mind and spirit to reach your health goals

Meet Lisa: Align your body, mind and spirit to reach your health goals

Hello VivaRays Community 🌻,

We're diving deeper into our "Her Health, Her Strength" journey, and today, we're thrilled to introduce an incredible force in the world of nutrition and exercise: meet Lisa Kirby.

Lisa's got this energy that's hard to miss ☺️. You feel it — vibrant and alive, even through an email. And because authenticity means everything to us, we decided to keep our chat with Lisa just as it unfolded. No edits, no filters. We want you to experience the real Lisa, to connect with her genuine energy and insights.

So, get ready! We're about to share some powerful stories and wisdom from Lisa, a master at guiding us to nurture our bodies and spirits.  Let's get inspired together👇.

Before we start here’s an intro about Lisa’s mission

Lisa Kirby is a sought-after NAMS certified, licensed Diet Doc permanent weight loss specialist, nutrition, mindset, strength training, and lifestyle coach, and the co-founder of The Green Door Life along with Shannon Morse.

Her personal mission is to help women understand how to FUEL (not starve) their bodies, heal their relationship to food, and feed their families without fear. 

She pulls her wisdom from over 20 years of experience fine-tuning her own physique and health through targeted nutrition and exercise, studying advanced training techniques with pro-athlete coaches, and helping 1,000's build muscle, increase energy, and feel comfortable and confident in clothes... to navigate for LIFE!

She believes physical health is attainable for all and a prerequisite for mental health and spiritual growth. By unlocking one's unique nutrition and movement needs, the doorway to self-actualization is inevitable.Outside of coaching, Lisa is the mastermind behind The Green Door Life's operations, systems optimization, marketing and communications, weekly newsletters, social media curation, and content strategies. This is what we call a warrior woman!

Let's Start our interview with Lisa 👯‍♂️

Q: VivaRays: Can you share with us some interesting facts about yourself?

A: Lisa: *I have lived in over 35 different houses in my 41 years of life, and no, my parents were not in the military - they were just down to move and had the courage to take new opportunities at any time!

* In the thick of the pandemic, we tried to put a down payment on a house. We had been saving up money for years and were ready to make the leap but the Universe had other plans. Instead, we bought a 21 foot camper van and traveled all across the United States from Key West to the San Juan Islands in Washington for almost all of 2021. It was one of the most beautiful and challenging and healing experiences of my life, all wrapped up into one. It’s the most free, wild, feral, adventurous, and excited I’ve ever consistently felt in my life. Every day, every exploration, every new town and state and mountain we crossed was so invigorating and life-giving.

* When I lived in Southern California in my younger years, my mom signed me with a talent agency and I was featured on a Power Rangers commercial, Hanging with Mr. Cooper TV show, and was an extra in a few movies.

* I love astrology, Human Design, hormone health, circadian rhythms, light hygiene, dancing, hiking, nature, hanging with my family, and I really love helping people quit soul-sucking corporate jobs.

Waw so interesting! This is the greatest lesson to embrace change as change can lead to a fuller life. To change your life you have to change your life- Bob Proctor

Q: VivaRays: Can you share with us your daily Routine

A: Lisa:

  • Morning Gratitude & Exercise: As a double Sagittarian + Generator (human design), my daily routine includes waking up slightly before sunrise full of gratitude, energy, and excitement for the day. I always put on my 3-in-1 VivaRays during this time to block blue light as I get coffee and breakfast prepared for the family. I’m usually out the door right at sunrise for a 20-minute walk. I’ve committed to this practice for over a year now of watching the sunrise and getting out for a walk; it has been such a game changer for my overall well-being, sleep, mood, and body composition.

  • Family Time: After that, I come back to so many hugs from “my boys” - my husband and two sons. They are all truly the best huggers! I am so blessed. It’s such a great way to start the morning. No rushing. No stressing. Just love. We usually enjoy breakfast together, prep lunches, and then we’re off to school.

  • Teaching & Working: By mid-morning, my husband and I both co-teach strength training, metabolic conditioning, and HIIT classes for our online community about 5 days a week. It’s such a special way to not only connect with our community but spend quality time together as a couple doing something healthy.

  • Outdoor Activities & Work: Lunch and business calls make up the rest of our days, but we make a point to get outside for sunshine and walks every single hour that we can. Weather permitting, I’ll work outside as much as possible with various homemade stand up desk contraptions that I have come up with.

  • Evening Family Connection: By early evening, we are so ready to see our kids and love hearing all about their incredible days at their small Montessori school. We enjoy family games, chats, making each other laugh, sharing meals together, going for “football walks”, and just about everything else you can think of. We’re a great, solid team of 4 and so blessed to have such close connections.

  • Prioritizing Sleep: We spend as much time as possible outside and love watching the sunset from our big backyard where you can really get a sense of the big Texas sky. Once the sun is down, we really shut it down as we prioritize sleep in this family. Lights are off except for a red light here and there, and I wear my orange rays until 1-2 hours before bed, after which I then change to my red lenses. Even my sons are on it and they have special amber reading lights for after dark. We really try to live in alignment with the sun and how it varies throughout the year, regardless of what manmade time says.

Q: VivaRays: Why you love and recommend VivaRays:

A: Lisa  I am obsessed with my VivaRays! I used to have the cheap, clear blue-blocking glasses that I found on Amazon… now I know why I never felt they did much… because they don’t block some of the most harmful nanometers of blue light!

I have the 3-in-1 clip n’ gos, and they are life savers. While I’ve completely rehauled most of the overhead lights in our house to amber and red lights, I do find the red and orange lenses incredibly effective before sunrise and after sunset as there are so many blue light sources in the house from the microwave to oven light to wifi signal that really cannot be covered.

I also love my yellow daytime lenses when I’m on the computer for back-to-back calls. I can feel it almost immediately now when I forget to wear them! My eyes instantly get tired. It’s such a great reminder of how effective they are. 

I also love wearing my VivaRays on the rare occasions where I’m in a big store with tons of overhead LED lights or at friends’ houses who don’t know yet about the impact of blue light (although they certainly know by the end of hanging out together because I can’t stop talking about it!). I’ve brought them to NFL football games (a must have), concerts, in airports, while flying and dining out at restaurants. I can barely stand artificial blue light now from overhead lights and/or electronic devices. It’s amazing how quickly the eyes can adjust and let you know when something is off!

I recommend VivaRays because they are truly the best of the best. I love the convenience of the magnetic clip n’ go’s instead of having to buy 3 separate glasses. I recommend them to all my clients and really any modern human needs to have a pair. I became obsessed with light hygiene after learning about quantum biology, circadian health and hormone health. I had so many female clients who were doing all the right things but still struggling with their health and weight, and this led me down the rabbit hole of studying hormones and eventually LIGHT. I had absolutely no idea about the impact of light on our mitochondria, hormones, etc. Now, I cannot share this information fast enough. It needs to be front page news. I’m so glad more and more people are speaking up about the impact of blue light and really feeling the difference in their health and vitality. 

We are so grateful to hear this Lisa! Thank you for being part of this amazing mission and spreading the world! Use code  LISAKIRBY15 to get a 15% Discount on VivaRays Circadian tools.

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As we close this chapter of our journey with Lisa Kirby, remember that each story and piece of advice she shared is a stepping stone towards your own path of holistic health and self-discovery. Stay curious, stay inspired, and keep reaching for those milestones in your health and wellness journey with us.

My Vital Light. My Vibrant Life.💜🧡



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